Sunday, November 23, 2008

WHY WINE: wine clubs

As with any investment, before you join a wine club, research the clubs you think you would like to join.
1) What type of club you are interested in: Would you like Italian wines, California wines, International wines, Canadian wines, kosher wines or wines from a certain vineyard?
2) How much do you wish to spend per bottle? $10.00, $100.00 or more?
3) Do you want monthly, quarterly, yearly or on request shipping?
4) Is there a membership fee?
5) Is there a minimum amount you must order?
6) Is there a cancellation fee?
7) Is there a return policy for unwanted bottles or shipments?
8) Does the club offer discounts?
9) Is there free shipping? By who? And what is their delivery policy?
10) Is there freebies offered? If so, what is required to receive them?
11) Does the club offer written info on the wines offered or mailed?
12) How long has the club been in existence, who runs it, are there any testimonies from current members and will they mail to your state?
13) Do they sell estate wines or table wines that you wouldn’t normally buy?

Once you are satisfied with your research, join the club, order, sit back, accept delivery and enjoy a bottle of wine that you probably couldn’t have bought locally.

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