Wednesday, December 10, 2008

WHY WINE: WINE FACTS; Did you know?

1. Wine that lacks the proper amount of acidity will not age well, tends to spoil quickly and will turn brown.
2. Wine that contains too much acidity will have a nasty biting vinegary and sour taste.
3. Any sugar not converted to alcohol during the fermentation process of making wine is called residual sugar.
4. A young wine will have a fruity taste and aroma because of 1% to 3% residual sugar.
5. If all the sugar has converted to alcohol during the fermentation process of making wine, the wine will be dry.
6. Dessert wine has 5% to 30% residual sugar.
7. Wine fermented in oak barrels will have a vanilla or oak taste.
8. Oak barrels can be used for 4 to 6 years to age wine.
9. Tannin is a natural chemical substance, found in plants, known as polyphenols.
10. Tannin is a natural preservative which allows wine to age longer, but also means that the wine will take longer to age before it is “balanced” and ready to drink.
11. Tannin has a bitter taste.
12. A well structured wine is a wine that has aged long enough for the tannins, sugars and alcohol to become balanced and that no one flavor is stronger than another. The lasting taste in your mouth should be smooth and pleasant.


Christina Bledsoe said...

Wow. I know nothing about wine so this was great information. Thanks.

care said...

Yes, I totally agreed with you. Wine is harmful for normal person. Thanks for sharing this kind of information. Pleas keep it up.