Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The general rule of thumb is that white wines are served chilled and red wines are served at room temperature. Unfortunately, today’s normal room temperature is around 70oF. Therefore, it is recommended that all wines be refrigerated before serving.
Although, wine served too cold masks the true flavor and bouquet, it will also hide any imperfections. If it is served too warm, the wine will have a dull, flabby taste and be hot with alcohol. Given the choice, it is better to serve wine colder than warmer. Holding a glass of wine in your hands will allow your body heat and room temperature to warm the wine up.

Optimal serving temperature of:
Beaujolais 55
Merlot 63
Berenauslese 43
Pinot Noir 63
Bordeaux 63
Port 63
Burgundy, Red 63
Riesling 46
Cabernet 63
Rose 46
Champagne 46
Sauterne 46
Chardonnay 50
Sauvignon Blanc 46
Chianti 59
Shiraz 63
Dessert Wine 43
Tokay 43
Ice Wine 43
Viognier 50
Madeira 55
Zinfandel 59


Eric said...

Too many people have no idea how to serve wine. This is some great info on how to have the best experience possible.

josh said...

nice info: during summer I like my white chilled just a bit more.

Catherine said...

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Happy Posting!

Wine-o said...

This is great information that most people don't know. There are a lot of people out there that believe all reds should be 70ish degrees for serving, but this information disputes that. I wasn't aware of some of these varietals serving temps, I am learning myself.

syrasuz said...

Great info: Will have to test out.
One of the great benefits of wine appreciating is the testing.

Lilian said...

i loved red wine, i remember those days with my friends...celebration w/o red wine is incomplete...i have tried house red wine at room temperature i don't like...i prefer it chilled

Shelly said...

Ahh, the wine temp debate.
My father is a national wine judge and very opinionated, lol. He would demand that reds be room temp and would look down his nose at anyone who would refrigerate them. He then learned better (several years ago) and then went on a rampage in the other direction, insisting that , especially in cold restaurants put the bottles on ice for exactly 5 minutes, spinning the bottle frequently. You should've seen some of the looks he would get from that request. I admit room temp is fine for me, especially in cold weather. I also have a chiller, it just depends on my mood.