Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My First Wine Review

For the first time, I am going to give the JOESHICO WINE REVIEW. I have been researching hundreds of wine blogs and 90% are reviewing wines. Many of them are in line with many of the "so called" wine experts. Don't get me wrong, I love the info they give, and it's a terrific starting point for the novice wine drinker, but 98% of wine drinkers are not connoisseurs, they just love wine. I am nowhere near a connoisseur, but for 35 years I just love wine and I think it's time to let you novices (like me) hear or see a review by another novice (like you).

As I do this, I am enjoying a Travaglini Gattinara Vendemmia 2001. I had a 2003 in my rack,
last week, but my daughter used the whole bottle for one of her beef recipes. The "beef bourguignon julia child" was one of the best stews I ever had, but my wine was gone. She used the whole bottle. I had to find another and I did. It was a 2001, at $26. (great buy)

"Gattinara" is from the Nebbiolo grape and produced in an area North of Vercelli and has distinct differences to other Nebbiolo wines. (Barolo and Barbaresco). It has a softer texture and a bitter almond taste on the finish.

The color is a deep garnet red. The aroma comes at you immediately at opening. There is some Barolo like tobacco notes and dried fruits. It's very full bodied and tannic and the finish is like "WOW" and "WOW" (long and pleasant).

I found this at a "Mom & Pop" local shop for $26. Could have probably done better at the price at a large warehouse, but I don't care. It is truly worth the $26. At least a 93 in my opinion, but I am not paid the big bucks to give an opinion. Take it from a novice: "great buy"


Morten Pedersen said...

I did like this wine review, it has a lot of extended info about the district and grape. You are welcome to add/read more about the wine here:

It's been over 10 years since I tasted this wine last time, maybe it is time to try it again!

virgo27 said...

awesome blog idea. i love wine too. i'm no connoisseur either. i'll be chekcing back regularly. i'll share some of my favs with u too. actually, i'm going to become a follower of ur blog. feel free to check out my blog and become a follower.

Kristy said...

Great site! I love the fact that you don't claim to be an expert, yet you clearly know your wine. I also love wine but literally know next to nothing about it, so this is a great site for me!

Eric said...

Very nice review. I've never had that particular brand. Sounds refreshing! Excellent article.

Pennsylvania Wanderer said...

Nice to see that you've gotten into reviewing wines. I look forward to reading your future reviews and posts. Thanks!

William & Susanne Waites said...

I like your casual approach. I love wine and I love to review things. So, when I have a nice glass of red, I try to review it.

I'm also a writer so I ought to be able to come up with some descriptive terms, such as "redolent of berries, plums, cherries." Frankly, I can love the grapes out of a wine and still not taste the redolessence.
So I struggle. One day I will write "reminiscent of dried twigs and fallen sycamore leaves" just to see if anyone is paying attention.

I also write about something I know better at
Drop by sometime.

HeyWineNot said...

great review. here's to casual approaches to wine!


Tommaso said...

here i wrote something about Italian wine regulations.
Liked what you wrote

Covert Cheff said...

Dude! This is getting funny. My wine friend and I have been enjoying the Travaglini Gattinara for over 10 years. How can anyone that is paying attention miss trying this strong Italian contender with the unique "bent" bottle? His description is big,Big,BIG. As with any wine of sufficient heft, an hour of patience is de rigueur before imbibing once the genie’s cork is prized loose (not always patient enough, is my oenological buddy). I'm really enjoying the congruence of our wine choices. :D

Chris said...

Very nice wine review. I also love drinking wine, but I prefer white wine.

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