Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WHY WINE: Joeshico Wine Review "Dogajolo"

I now know why there are so many wine review sites. You get to enjoy a lot of good wine.
It must all be good, I never see reviews of bad wine. Tonight I am relaxing with a real nice "SUPER TUSCAN." I always associated "Super Tuscan" as being very expensive, like "Tiganello" and "Ornellaia" from the Antinori family and "Sassicaia" from the Tenuta San Guido estate. But, recently(about 5 years ago), my wife brought a bottle home because she liked the label. It was also made by one of our favorite Chianti producers, Carpineto. Since then there has always been a few bottles in my rack for evenings like this. Relax, watch the Oscars and sip a fantastic wine. I am referring to Carpineto's "Dogajolo"

Dogajolo combines the power and deep colors of a young wine, the elegance and balance given by wood aging, as well as a fruity and fragrant bouquet. It is a blend of up to 70% sangiovese and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon. The exact proportions vary with each vintage. It is a deep garnet red, fruity and intense with hints of cherry, coffee, vanilla and spice. At least that is what the "so called" experts say. I get the hint of cherry and vanilla and also plum.

My favorite vintage was the 2003, but this 2006 I'm having right now is real nice. If this is an indication of the '06 Tuscan wines, I can't wait for the Reserva's to be released. The official site for Carpineto suggest this wine should be served with white and grilled meats and cold cuts, but I really enjoy this one with just plain old spaghetti and a good marinara sauce.

A real nice "Super Tuscan" - definitely YES. Expensive - NOT. My rating: 88
My local cost is under $9 with case discount. Can find online under $10.

Take it from a novice: "Great Buy"


virgo27 said...

thanks for the post. i'll have to try a bottle soon. i've added it to my list of wines to try.

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai said...

Hi Joeshico,

your posts are pretty interesting but I have onething in ma mind and that is " Why do we spoil our healths by drinking wine, when we know its harmful to health even if drunk in moderation?"

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The Buddhist Conservative said...

It's great to find a recommendation for a wine I have yet to try. I have not seen it on the west coast but will have to check on who the importer is.

We enjoy a good Chianti, or any good Italian wine for that matter. I might recommend the 2006 Da Vinci Chianti as a best buy. Priced under $12 we feel it is the best vintage in several years.

I look forward to seeing what you are tasting next.

Randy Watson said...

Nice review!

The Wine Whore said...

I'll have to try this one... especially with some spaghetti. Sounds delicious!

Vinay Rai said...

I am a wine lover my self but have never tried this one before. I didn't even heard of this before. I think the price is reasonable too, so I will definitely try this one next time.

Paulo H. Ferreira said...

Hey Joeshico,

What a great blog! I can't wait to try this super tuscan.



in vino veritas said...

We have been enjoying the Carpineto wines since 1997, and even went to Italy to visit the winery. Very nice wines, especially '97-98, 01 Riserva.

Andrew Till said...

I searched online for this wine and found your (great!) blog.

I too am married to an Italian so enjoy great wines, food and lifestyle!

We love this wine - we're hoping to visit the producers next time we're living it up in Tuscany.

Thanks for the blog!

(PS - We've designed an app called The Wine Navigator - if you get a chance, have a look and let us know what you think!)