Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WHY WINE: Joeshico wine review; Buttonwood Grove 'dry' Riesling

In mid 2007, six Rieslings from the Finger Lakes were tasted blind against six of some the world's best Rieslings at a trade and media event in New York City. Joshua Greene, the editor and publisher of Wine and Spirits magazine, said, "Dry Riesling wine from New York's Finger Lakes clearly belongs in the constellation of world-class Rieslings. Slate and well-drained glaciated vineyard sites show terroir and descriptive characters with exceptional value."
In 2008, I also gave in to my reds only attitude and took the wife on a Cayuga Wine Trail outing.
To my surprise I really enjoyed many of the dry Rieslings we tried that day, and since, they have become my wine of choice during the summer months.
Although they were all enjoyable, my favorite came from the Buttonwood Grove Winery.
Aromas of pear, citrus and a bit of damp soil made for a unique nose, probably more so because I was a red wine only drinker. That citrus and fruit aroma stayed nicely on the tongue and the wine had a refreshing citrus like finish.
I now drink many whites, especially in the summer and the Buttonwood Grove Winery dry Riesling is always in my rack and opened for almost any occasion or food. The wine pairs well with summer salads and I enjoy it with BBQ Chicken.
Locally in Central New York it is found at about $15.
Joeshico rating: 85/86.
Take it from a novice: "Great Buy"


The Wine Whore said...

Great review! I love a good DRY Riesling in the summer. Cheers!

The Buddhist Conservative said...

Dry Rieslings can be a great surprise to anyone who is not familiar with them. The complexity and acidity Riesling offers is capable of making some of the best white wine in the world. Unlike Germany, Austria makes mostly dry Riesling that is to die for.

I have heard of those coming out of the Finger Lakes Region but have yet to taste them. Not many make it to the west coast.

It is a hard varietal to beat when pairing with food.


laidyv2008 said...

you are a wine expert, how did you gain so much knowledge about it? it is awesome you have such a passion for it!

thanks for the comment.

What is your favorite wine ever?