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WHY WINE: WINE FACTS; Did you know? Cooking with Wine,

Here's another edition of wine facts, as promised in previous wine facts posts. This time my wife,who does much of the writing on this blog and most of the research, used her Italian cooking expertise and wrote the entire article. I'll let her do that from now on. It will probably cost me more than hiring an expert writer, but maybe she'll take me along. Just maybe get her to go to the Wine Country Inn in Colorado or something like that. For first time readers of my blog, welcome to WHY WINE. I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy posting.

Wine Facts: Did you know? part 3

1. As a general rule of thumb, when cooking or serving wine with food you pair like with like. If you have a light meal (salad) pair with a light wine (i.e. Beaujolais or chardonnay). If you have a hearty meal (beef stew) pair with a robust wine (i.e. Chianti or Cabernet Sauvignon). (But note: using the opposite type wine makes for some interesting tastes.)

2. A perfect pairing leaves you wanting a sip and a bite and a sip and a bite etc.

3. If you won’t drink the wine, DON’T cook with it. The so called “cooking wine” tastes awful. “Cooking wines” and “cooking sherries” are cheap wines to which salt and food coloring have been added. So why would you want to ruin your nicely cooked dinner with an off tasting wine? Use the wine from the bottle you’re going to serve with the meal. It will give you a common taste between the meal and the wine and enhance the pleasure of the meal.

4. The old wives’ tale that alcohol evaporates when wine is cooked in a meal is true – sort of. A wine with an alcohol content of 12% to 14% will cook down to 5% alcohol content in about 2 ½ hours. While not completely gone, the alcohol amount is so small that it really should not bother anyone when eating a 3 course meal.

5. A quick way to chill wine: fill a container that you can submerge the wine bottle up to its neck in with ½ ice cubes and ½ water. It takes half the time to cool the wine than when using ice alone. Reds at room temperature take about 5 minutes to cool. Super fruity wines (Beaujolais) take about 15 minutes. Whites take about 15 to 25 minutes. Champagnes take 30 minutes. (Note: use room temperature wine to cook with).

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virgo27 said...

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The Wine Whore said...

Great post! I definitely enjoy reading your blog.

The Buddhist Conservative said...

Great advice!

The marriage of wine and food is incredibly fascinating. We often are surprised when a wine we would not expect to go with a certain dish does.

A fruity red zinfandel and turkey? It works where a cabernet would make the turkey taste metallic.

Thanks for the posts.


Wine Country Inn said...

Thanks for the shout out, joeshico. Mind if I cross post this, sometime, with linkbacks to your blog?

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Wine Hampers said...

Fantastic advice here! I never knew that the alcohol in wine doesn't completely evaporate when cooked..I must remember that it takes 2 & 1/2hrs :)