Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WHY WINE: Joeshico Wine Review; Damiani vino rosso NV

“Finger Lakes wineries now number nearly 100, and one of the newest and most interesting is the tiny Damiani Wine Cellars (tel. 607/546-5557), in Hector on the east side of Seneca Lake. The family-owned winery produced its first vintage in 2004, and the cabernet franc and meritage are quite notable for its young age. This is one to watch. Or drink.”
Frommer's Finds Damiani

Yesterday I got fooled when I visited one of my favorite shops to discuss wine tasting events
to be held at my son's Lounge. While there, I picked up two bottles of wine in what was his Italian wine selection area. One bottle was labeled Damiani vino rosso (good Italian name). I like Italian table wines so I picked one up and brought home. When I got home I noticed a clear corked bottle with the words Finger Lakes on the label (drats). Although I love the Fingerlakes whites I have never got use to the reds. Actually, I avoid them. At dinner, I decided that I might as well open the Damiani, take a taste and dump it. However, this is not like any other Fingerlakes red I ever had. So, off to research Damiani Wine Cellars. This is one of the newest wineries in the region and winemaker Lou Damiani and grape grower Phil Davis are forging a reputation within the Finger Lakes, marking it as a region capable of producing full-bodied vinifera red... The vino rosso red table wine has made a believer out of me.

The vino rosso is non vintage and it is described by Damiani as: Nicely balanced with ripe cherry fruit upfront and on the nose. In this table red, a light body and soft mouthfeel unite to create a pleasurable wine. 20% Pinot Noir blended with the hybrids Rougeon, Vincent and Leon Millet (0.8% RS) I don't know anything about the hybrids, that's all new to me (good day today - learned something)

Their description is right on the button. I found it very light and very soft, well balanced, maybe a little short on the finish. Doing my Seneca Trail tour in June and Damiani will be first on my list. Until then I will stock up on the vino rosso.

At $12, take it from a novice "Great Buy"


virgo27 said...

great finds!!

The Wine Whore said...

Great review! It is always fun to learn something new about wine! Cheers!

PJ said...

Took me two days, but found at local wine shop in Syracuse. Thanks for the review. Would not have bought if just shopping for wine. Wine is nice and light and very smooth. Will buy more tomorrow.

Shelly said...

It's always good to be pleasantly surprised...especially with a wine. Thanks for the info!