Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am sitting here feeling bad because I missed adding a new post last week. Had a lot to do, kept busy but did check in on my favorite bloggers. Really some good stuff to read on wine, the upcoming Tour de France and life in general. It did start me thinking about 'why do I blog' or more so 'why do I enjoy blogging so much?'
It all started as a means to promote my affiliate marketing website, which, except for the Christmas season is not really doing that well. Hopefully a new platform and change in template theme will help. Let's hope, that is my retirement venture. I don't want to be a greeter at the local Wal-Mart for supplemental income. Thanks to Wall Street though, retirement is now another year or two away so I have some time to work the kinks out.
So anyway, back to my original question 'why do I blog' and why am I feeling a tad bad just because I missed a post. Well, I really can't answer that but I can name a few things that happened since I've started this.
First, I have been enjoying wine for over 36 years and I learned more about wine in the past 10 months than I had in the first 35 years. I actually started tasting wine and smelling aromas and feeling tannins and acidity on the tongue. Geez, it was always there. I did know what I liked and what I did not like, but I did not appreciate wine. I very seldom strayed from what I liked, and now I realize how much I missed. I'll never be a Parker or a Vaynerchuk, but I don't want to be.
Hell, I seen them spit good wine into a bucket. If it's good just swallow it. How can you rate a wine or tell others how good it is if you just swish and spit. I know I can't.
Here's another fact I learned. They actually make wine in places like Colorado, Iowa, Maryland, Virginia and just about every State. I use to think all US wine came from California or New York. Boy, was I wrong, and I use to live in Maryland and Virginia. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and until I did a tour at Chaddsford in 2005, I didn't think grapes could grow in PA let alone make good wine. Now I want to visit many of these US wineries in the very near future.
Lastly, I think what keeps me interested are the people I meet on the web. Many of them do this for a living and many of them are just good writers with a knowledge of wine and a willingness to share. Me, I do it because it gives me something to do and have fun doing it.
I try to check my blogs everyday and I like to comment on the articles I like or articles that make me think on my favorite blogs. If not for many of them, I may have given up on doing this long ago. Thanks much to;

Joe, the 1winedude, best of Philly blogs. Knowledgeable of the industry, well written, opinionated and fun to read.

Richard, the wineconnoisseur, nice short reviews, off the wall topics, fun videos and down to earth guy.

Shelly, winetofive, throws in excellent wine reviews into a personal blog about the daily joys of motherhood and more.

George, thegoodwineguru, honest reviews of Virginia wines.

Sue, ladies with bottle, a passion for French wines with well written articles that makes you very frustrated that there is no French wines in your rack.

And Randy, thewinewhore, On his way to becoming one of the, if not the #1 wine blog on the net. Great reviews, very well written and enjoyable reading.

Thanks to all of you! Look for another joeshico wine review next week.


Sue said...


Thanks for your comments on LWB - I agree blogging gets under your skin doesn't it? It's a great way of learning about topics you're interested in and sharing views, news and opinions. I never seem to stop learning!

I love reading about the wines you review - you are honest, candid and straight forward and that is the best way to be. It's like looking into another world for me as we don't get most of the wines you talk about here in the UK.

So keep up the good work!



The Wine Whore said...

Having the chance to discuss wine is only a small part of what makes blogging about it so awesome. The new friends you discover along the way are what make it all worthwhile. Thank you Joe, Shelly, Joe (1winedude) and everyone else who dedicates their time sharing words I anxiously look forward to reading every day. Cheers!

Shelly said...

I started blogging almost a year ago and really just started "making friends" a couple months ago. I was looking all over to find out where I fit in. I'm still not sure but if you want to include me with all the other wine reviewers than I am happy to be here:)It's addicting (blogging)creative and a learning process. I enjoy doing the wine reviews and the more I read of others like Randy and yourself the more enlightened, encouraged, facinated and challenged I am.

Thank You

The Wino said...

I am new to the blogging world, but I am now HOOKED! I would love to be one of the people making a living at this, since I seem to spend more time writing bloggs than actually working these days!

Keep it up, you write great reviews! I also find this is a great way to find new wines without the pain of drinking too many bad wines...

And never spit the wine out! That would just be wine abuse!

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