Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Two Dogs

This post is not so much about wine, but about my two new dogs and a new wine company named Two Dogs. Actually it's Due Cani Cellars. The name Due Cani translates from Italian to Two Dogs.

First, let me tell you about my two dogs. Toby (male Yorkie) and Priscilla (female min. poodle mix) came into our home via an organization that rescues unwanted dogs and finds them good homes.
Toby and Priscilla were scheduled to be euthanized at a pound in Kentucky, rescued there and brought to New York for adoption. Toby is about four years old and Priscilla is about two.
The first month was trying to let the dogs know that this will be their last move and have them get used to being in a home that loves them. With that accomplished, the rest is just absolutely one joyous day after another, except for the potty training and that we can handle.(I think, hope, pray) and the occasional runaway when the leash is dropped.

Now you know there must be a connection between my dogs and Due Cani. You see the owners of Due Cani Cellars also own two rescued dogs (chiuauas, Pee Wee and Sherry) Thus the name Due Cani. But there is more:
Due Cani Cellars is a San Francisco based winery that was founded by Harold and Joann Farrell Quinn in 2007 to produce small-lot, single vineyard premium wines.
Due Cani Cellars is only sourcing the highest quality fruit from organically and sustainably farmed vineyards. In addition to producing premium, handcrafted wines, Due Cani is also committed to sustainable practices and support of animal rescue organizations and donates 10% of profit to organizations like those we were lucky enough to adopt our fur kids from.

To find out more about this new venture and the persons behind it, check out their web site at
http://www.duecanicellars.com and Joann's Blog at http://winemuch.blogspot.com


Shelly said...

I'm sure the dogs know they are in a loving home and I can't think of a better way to get a dog (or dogs).
I enjoy the stories of winemakers for a cause. Chateau Morrisette has "Dogs 4 Cause" and produces a service dog red and white. I bought them for my parents (my step mom has a service dog) for Christmas and they absolutely loved them.

The Wine Whore said...

Those are my two favorite breeds... it is really nice to hear that people are doing their part when it comes to helping animals in need!

Good luck on the potty training!


joeshico said...

Thank you Shelly, I will have to check out Chateau Morrisette.
Lhasa's have always been our choice (owned four)Randy, but this time we searched long and hard at rescue organizations for something smaller.
We were awful lucky to find these two.

in vino veritas said...

The Dog House Winery in Napa recently donated $50,000 to Guide Dogs For the Blind. Wine lovers and animal lovers. A great combination.