Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why Wine: Joeshico Wine Review; Babich Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2008

I really enjoy shopping for wine and finding one that I never tried and end up putting it on my list of must have wines. Today, I stopped in to buy a Sauvignon Blanc for the evening. I knew what I wanted, one that is already on that list, but also found a new one sitting next to mine and decided to take one home to try. Today, I chose a good one. A Babich Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2008.
One of New Zealand’s largest family-owned wine companies, Babich Wines was established in 1916 and has evolved as a major producer, now exporting to numerous markets around the world.
Babich Wines combines the craftsmanship of today with the experience won from years of pioneering viticulture and winemaking. Sustainable production and a willingness to invest in the future ensures that this approach will continue to deliver fine wines which fully reflect the fruit of the variety and the terroir of the land.
These are wines that are designed to be enjoyed. Over 90 years on from its foundation, Babich offers wines at several price points, all of them great value.
Tasting Notes:
This wine displays lifted tropical fruits with notes of lantana and capsicum. There is a passion fruit entry on the palate coupled with citrus and wild cape gooseberry notes that linger, and are quite literally mouthwatering! This is a balanced wine, with a texture that will match well with food but is equally enjoyable on its own.
My Notes:

Still can't imagine anyone getting so many aromas in a wine and every time I research a wine, most "connoiseurs" get everything from doggie do do to Jo Malone fragrances. I think they are just trying to impress. I read a half dozen reviews on this wine and every one got something different from fresh cut green grass to peppermint. Please, if your really going to review a wine, blow your nose before you start. In six different reviews this is what I read, in no particular order: Peach, Grapefruit, Jalapeno Pepper, Fruit Salad, Tropical Fruits, Wild Herbs, Kiwi, Passion Fruit, Musk, Mineral, Green Grass, Floral, Ripe Melon, Apple, Green Apple, Pear, Citrus, Lime, Gooseberry, Peppermint and the ever popular Lantana and Capsicum. I must have a screwed up nose. The tropical fruits I get with a little grapefruit and slate and a little fresh mowed green grass. What the heck is lantana and capsicum? A very alluring light green color makes this actually eye appealling in the glass.
I bought this wine because it was sitting next to the Kim Crawford I was looking for and I always try to buy something new when in a wine shop. I knew nothing of the Babich winery, but now I'll be looking for other Babich wines.
This wine is awesome! First glass was on it's own and great. Second was with Tuna Salad and it was great. Third was with a Chocolate Rasberry dessert and it was fantastic. Fourth and final glass was on its own again and still great. Should have bought two. Better yet at only $11,
Take it from an amateur wine lover....Great Buy!


The Wine Whore said...

I always get a kick out of all of the different smells that people come up with when it comes to tasting a wine. It is almost like spinning a 'wheel of smells' rather than a description of how the wine really tastes.

I always enjoy reading your reviews... I will definitely keep an eye out for this one on my next shopping spree!


Jim (MoIppai) said...

Great review! Love what you said about the aromas, completely agree. I'm training my nose, I can sometimes get two different smells now! ;)

WineLife365 said...

Sorry for coming so late on this one. I completely agree with you on this Babich Sauvignon Blanc. But, I have to caution you before trying another Babich wine. I recently tried the 2005 Babich Riesling and it was literally, “to die for".

Here's a link to my review of their Riesling-


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