Monday, July 27, 2009

Why Wine: Joeshico Wine Review; Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc 2006

Today was a shopping day with Shirley. We did the Home Depot, BJ's, Best Buy, Panera for lunch, two grocery stores and one Mom and Pop wine shop. The 'honey do' list at home was longer. Back to my day job tomorrow. (Can't Wait)
While out doing her bidding, I was informed that my daughter Pam was doing a broiled Salmon dinner, so I was looking for a nice Sauvignon Blanc to accompany the meal. Unfortunately, there were no choices for a good New Zealand Savvie so down the aisles I walked searching for one that interested me. Should I take one from South Africa or a Bonterra organic from California? I decided on the Bonterra because I had done a review on their Cab/Sauv and was also still learning about organic wines. I made the right choice.
I've always said that New Zealand produces the best Sauv/Blancs and until now found nothing to change that. OK, NZ is still the best, but the Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc 2006 is as good.
I did not like the screw cap, only because I am a traditionalist and do enjoy using an opener to remove a cork, but will give in to a good wine.
The aromas were a nice mix of tropical fruits, green grass and kiwi. On the tongue the wine just exploded with more tropical fruit, citrus, melon and a bit of mineral. The finish was long and fruity. All this before the salmon was served. With the meal, the wine was like heaven. I could not have chosen a better accompaniment. And It's Organic! Must look for more organic wines. Haven't found one yet I did not like.
Bonterra Organic Sauvignon Blanc 2006, found at $13
Take it from an amateur wine lover....Great Buy!


The Wine Whore said...

Very cool!

I remember your last organic review and have been meaning to give an organic wine a shot. Now, I am totally sold!

I will be looking for this one for some weekend fun!


in vino veritas said...

I have had the McNab (merlot, cabernet, petite sirah blend) from Bonterra, and now will be on the lookout for the Sauvignon Blanc. I'm starting to see a lot more "organic" wines in the market.