Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why Wine: Joeshico Wine Review; Damiani Wine Cellars Meritage 2007

It seems every winery in the Finger Lakes has a Meritage. Most are nice bordeaux style blends that are very popular and very tasty and very distinct to each winery. Years ago I struggled to find one to like, now I am finding it difficult to taste one I don't like. And then, there comes along one that is over and above any I have tasted before. Such is the case of the 2007 Damiani Wine Cellars Meritage. I was given the '07 on a recent visit to the Damiani tasting room. Recently bottled, it will be released around Sept/Oct.
The aroma was so pleasing, I put my glass aside and just gave a little sniff about every minute for about 15 minutes. At first, a delightful black cherry, then a hint of smoke or tobacco and then another hint of licorice and vanilla. I was updating My Pro Cycling blog and enjoying just sniffing my wine glass.
When I finally decided to taste, I was presented with a mouthful of cherry and mixed berry type flavors and an oh so pleasant, but little peppery finish. I finished the one glass and saved the rest for the following evening (tonight) when I planned on my weekly Why Wine Blog update. This wine was so good after opening, the second night was not much of a change. I did get some leather and dried apricots on the nose and a bit smoother finish.
This Thanksgiving I'll be supplying the wine. Looking forward to a nice roast turkey and a Damiani '07 Meritage.
I am not big into buying one wine by the case or storing any wine, but I think I will make an exception for this one.
When released, the '07 Meritage will probably sell between $20 an $25, and if that's the case then

Take it from an amateur wine lover: Great Buy!


Evan Dawson said...

Nicely said. I have to say that I still find quite a few under-ripe Meritages out there, but you've found a producer this carefully controlling cropping. Their '07 Cab Franc is also a standout, but I haven't tried the Meritage yet. After your review I'll make sure to do that sooner than later! Cheers.

The Wine Whore said...

Damiani makes some great wine and it sounds like this Meritage is no exception!

Thank you for sharing this one with me before its release! I'll have to pick up a bottle once it is available.


Shelly said...

Mmmm. While a little out of my "normal" price range, I don't believe I've ever tried a Meritage and now I really want to try this one. I'll be looking for it this fall. Thanks for the GREAT review.

WineLife365 said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. It's unfortunate that most Delaware wine and spirits stores don't make shelf space for these wonderful wines from the Finger Lakes.