Sunday, August 9, 2009

Why Wine: Joeshico Wine Review; Henry Estate Oregon Pinot Noir 2006

Sometimes you just get lucky when searching out a wine. I dropped into a local shop this week and during a conversation with the shop owner I had asked if he had any wines from Oregon. He did. He actually had one. It was a Pinot Noir.
I have had some really nice Pinot's from Oregon before, but they were a bit pricey. Pricey, but good. Very comparable to French Burgundy in my opinion.
I wasn't really concerned about price, I just had a desire to try another Oregon wine, so I brought home a bottle of Henry Estate Oregon Pinot Noir 2006.

Winemakers Notes:

The aromas of sweet cherry with hints of earth and mint. The flavors of cherries and black pepper mixed with light, toasty overtones from the oak aging, compliment the overall ambiance of this wine. The lingering, forward finish allows our Oregon Pinot Noir to be matched with a variety of dishes such as beef, lamb, duck and most fish, especially salmon. The fruit flavors were pronounced enough at bottling to give a true enjoyable Pinot Noir experience immediately as well.

My Notes:
It is earthy with a little mint. It reminds me alot of teaberry ice cream and teaberry gum. Teaberry is a minty berry, sort of like wintergreen, found in Northeastern United States and very popular in Pennsylvania, especially at Heisler's Dairy Bar in Tamaqua. The taste was fruity with just a tad too much black pepper. I opened the bottle to have along with a grilled American cheese sandwich. Actually went very well together. Don't think I would have with any fish, but definitely a nice wine for lamb or a nice pork roast or even a good angus beef hamburger. This is also a nice wine to have when friends stop over for socializing with a little wine, cheese, crackers etc.

I haven't tasted that many Oregon Pinot's and what I have had were a bit pricey, but great wines. The Henry Estate is priced relatively low at $16, so

Take it from an amateur wine lover....Great Buy!


Shelly said...

Great review. I'm curious to know why you specifically wanted an Oregon wine. I also love that you chose wine to go with grilled cheese:).

Would love to share a glass of wine with you and your wife when you're in town so keep me posted.

joeshico said...

The grilled cheese was coincidence. I had already opened wine, then wife says "you're having grilled cheese"
I never argue, but it turned out well.
Was talking to a co-worker last week about USA wines other than Calif. and NY. His favorites are from Oregon and it had been a few years since I had any. Would have bought a Willamette Valley, but was not given the choice.

The Wine Snob Crew said...

Glad to see you are seeking the Oregon wines and the Willamette Valley region. They produce some very nice wines. Great post, can't wait to try Henry Estate.

in vino veritas said...

Growing up in PA, we used to make home-made teaberry ice cream. Also, Clark's teaberry gum. The teaberry is the berry from the wintergreen bush. I will have to find this wine. Great post.