Monday, August 24, 2009

Why Wine: Joeshico Wine Review; White Springs Gewurztraminer 2007

Well it's time to try a new wine, at least new to me. Before now I have never tasted Gewurztraminer. Please, no comments on that issue. It took me over 30 years to appreciate any white wine, and now that I do, I am trying them all.
Because this is a first, I purchased two Gewurztrminers from two different NY wine regions to compare differences, if any.
The first was OK and will be nice at a evening get-together, but not one I would bring to the party.
Green apple, honeysuckle, floral aromas and a bit citrusy, more like flat grapefruit in the mouth and a bit acidic or tart on the finish.
The second is more what I was expecting in a Gewurztraminer. Nice light, not overpowering, tropical fruit aromas. Mango and guava and a little peach with a hint of mineral. This was a Finger Lakes Gewurztraminer from White Springs Farm Estate Winery in Geneva, NY.
White Springs was the first booth I visited at a recent Winefest and the last one I visited that day to pick up what I believed were the best whites at the festival.
What is really nice about this wine is that every aroma was evident on the tongue. All the fruits, the mango, the guava, peach and passion fruit, like a delicious fruit salad just lingered with a hint of sweetness, but dry, on a long enjoyable finish.
I have mentioned my son's lounge and restaurant before (will link to him when he gets a website). His menu has an indonesian flair with a lot of curry and spices. He allows me, for a modest corkage fee, to bring in my own wines. Next dinner out I will bring the Gewurztraminer from White Springs. After all at only $15

Take it from an amateur wine lover......Great Buy!


MoIppai said...

Hi, I just checked through my website database and I've never tried a Gewustraminer either! Will have to remedy that. I tend to concentrate more on the reds than whites, should try to experiment more. Thanks for the reminder ;)

The Wine Whore said...

I have only had a handful of Gewustraminers but have enjoyed the ones that I have tried... this one sounds pretty cool.

You always have the best recs! :)