Sunday, September 6, 2009

Why Wine: Joeshico Wine Review; Anthony Road Semi-dry Riesling 2008

OK, today I sinned again, at least according to some. I took my list of New York medal winners to another local wine shop. Unfortunately, I found only one, besides another Anthony Road Vinyards 2008 semi-dry Riesling which I already have in the cooler.
Oh yeah, for those who don't know, that wine was judged the most outstanding New York wine for 2009. Winner of the New York Wine and Food Classics's 'Governor's Cup.'

Now, let me say something about my taste buds. "I Don't Like Sugar." I Don't put sugar in my coffee, tea or on my cereal. I even like lemonade that makes me pucker. So, when I buy wine the word 'dry' is most important. Late harvest or Ice wines are strictly taboo. I also have a difficult time with labels that have the word 'semi' on them. So, purchasing two bottles of a semi-dry wine is a giant step in my quest to learn, understand and appreciate this beautiful beverage made from the 'fruit of the gods.' Tonight, I took that step. Although my hands started to shake a bit at opening a bottle of semi-dry wine, I uncorked the Anthony Road Riesling.

Aroma's of melon right of the bat. Like a juicy Honeydew melon with a little lime and a light floral scent of honeysuckle. When aromas are this nice, I just love to keep sniffing. Though, not as much as drinking. The wine was silky smooth in the mouth and when I swallowed my sip....Well, what can I say..."sugar" Just a tad and surprisingly very nice.
A glass before dinner, one with a zesty BBQ chicken and potato salad and finished the night just sipping while surfing the net. I really enjoyed this wine.

Would I have judged this wine so highly? Probably not, it's not red and it's not dry. That's one reason nobody will ever be calling for me to judge.
Would I buy this wine again? Oh most definitely!..and often.
Will I still tremble when I see the word 'semi' on a label? I think so, but if I see that it is a medal winner, I'll now try it and hope it turns out as well as tonight.

What is really neat. This wine was judged the best by a panel of judges, not one individual. I also did not have to mortgage my home or sell my first born to afford a bottle because of it's award.
This wine is sold locally for under $15. So,

Take it from an amateur wine lover.....Great Buy!


Shelly said...

I like that you're buying "award winning" wines. I also think it's fun to try new things...scarry as it may be. I'm not a huge white fan but do enjoy them from time to time. This one sounds like it complimented your meal and was good for just sipping.


The Wine Whore said...

I really like the fact that you are looking at New York medal winners. I also think it's important to try wines that you may not think fit your palate... after all, you never know when you may find a new favorite!