Friday, October 16, 2009

Regional Wine Week: Day 5

Day 5 (Thurs) of Regional Wine Week.
Today I turned 62 years of age. On a recent wine tour, a very good friend of mine, purchased a $50 bottle of wine and gave it to me as a early birthday present. I promised that I would open on that day. The wine was a Fox Run Pinot Noir Reserve 2007. After an evening with some friends and a few Crown Royal Manhattans I came home early enough to fulfill that promise.
The Manhattans are keeping me from finishing this wine in one night and that is my mistake.
Some day I will make a list of all of the best wines by varietal that I have ever had. This one
will definitely be in the running for my best Pinot Noir.
Lots of cherry with currant, sweet plum and a bit of pomegranate filled the glass. I was a little
surprised by how light and fruit forward this wine felt in the mouth (very earthy) and how smooth and long the finish.
Maybe it's good I leave a 1/2 bottle for later. I can just fantasize this with Shirley's Tuna casserole or maybe one of her thick Turkey burgers.
I don't normally buy any wine for $50, but this one may just be one that will be put away
for a special occasion or a special meal. Thank you Donna for the gift. I owe you one.


Shelly said...

What an awesome gift. I love a good Pinot but also don't see myself spending that much on a bottle. I'll have to create a special occassion:)

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

in vino veritas said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a great day. I've never heard of the Fox Run Pinot. Will have to find this one.

Cheers! To many more great birthdays and great wines.