Sunday, October 18, 2009

Regional Wine Week: Day 6 and 7 plus 1

Well, Regional Wine Week ended on Saturday for most all those participating, except me.
It was my goal, living near the Finger Lakes region, to have a different Finger Lakes wine every night for seven days. I also wanted only wines that I have not had before. For the latter reason, I had to add a day.
I recently wrote about my son's lounge and the fact that he has finally added New York wines, in particular, Finger Lakes wine, to his wine list. However, on Friday when I made my weekly appearance ( every Fri. and Sat.) the only one on hand was one that I just recently reviewed.
A Glenora Gewurztraminer. It was good, it was Finger Lakes, but it was not a new wine for me. So, I added Sunday to my week!

Saturday, I decided that I would take a bottle to the Lounge, pay the corkage and fulfill my goal.
I choose a wine from Anthony Road Winery, Red Newt Cellars and Fox Run Vineyards. Yes, all three, one wine! One fabulous wine.
This Dry Riesling represents a unique collaborative effort of all three wineries. This wine pulls together not only the unique vineyard expressions of Seneca Lake, but also the philosophies of the participating winemakers.
Three vineyards, three winemakers, one wine. Peter Bell(Fox Run), Johannes Reinhardt(Anthony Road) and David Whiting(Red Newt) have peered through the mystique of terroir to produce "Tierce"
A lot of citrus and floral aromas with sweet grapefruit and lime filling the mouth. The finish was long and dry.
Enjoyed the wine with crab-artichoke dip and crab cakes. A real enjoyable wine to end the week, but that made only six new wines I tried, so I extended my week one more day!

Sunday is the first day of my week-end. It was going to be a busy day doing some home repairs, many of them caused by me, some shopping and putting some finishing touches on our newly renovated basement. Shirley was visiting her dad all day, so I was able to take my time and open a wine to sip while working and have with left over Chili. I grabbed a small wine glass and opened a dry Cab/Franc Rose' from Anthony Road.
A very berry aroma. Lots of red raspberry and strawberry on the nose. Almost like a good homemade strawberry/rhubarb jam or pie. Add a little spice to the mouth with a dry fruity and lingering finish. Didn't do well with the Chili, but the rest of the day was great!
This, maybe, wasn't the best wine I had this past week but it certainly was the most enjoyable.
I finished the day and my Regional Wine Week with a nice Finger Lakes Rose' along with some Tostitos and Fritos jalapeno and cheddar dip. Much better than the Chili.

"Regional Wine Week is the genius of’s Jeff Siegel and and WineLine‘’s David McIntyre (also of the Washington Post) who gathered a few wine writers to talk about their respective regions’ wines at the same time. With 40 participants talking about their local juice, it was a great success and spawned the website,"*** which organized the week a year ago. This week was Regional Wine Week #2

I enjoyed the week and the wines and will likely do it all over again. I am already trying to develop a goal for the next Regional Wine Week. I think that maybe I should define what is regional or that it may not be a bad idea to try wines from other lesser known regions during that week. In the meantime I'll continue to practice :)


Shelly said...

What fun! Branching out and trying new things, even when "not the best", allows us to better appreciate the things that are tried and true to our hearts and maybe even add new ones.


Innovative Wine said...

Hi Joe,

Your reviews make me thirsty. I need to convince one of my sons to open a wine store now. :)