Monday, October 12, 2009

Regional Wine Week: Days 1 and 2

Regional Wine Week was organized by It runs from Sunday Oct. 11 thru Saturday Oct. 17.
For me, that means seven days of Finger Lakes wine. With plenty enough in the wine fridge, it won't be to difficult to do, but what choices do I make may pose a problem. Shirley's meal plans have to consider that I work till 10 pm. When I get home it's usually a light meal and a glass or two or three of something I can enjoy while on the PC catching up reading my favorite blogs.

Sunday, was lead off with a nice white wine from White Springs Winery. A blend of 54% Chardonnay and 46% Pinot Grigio. Floral aromas with some citrus on the nose and fresh grapefruit in the mouth. Although there's a bit more chardonnay in the blend, this was more dominated by the Pinot Grigio, but balanced out very well. Suggested pairing is shrimp or cream based soups.
I had with a little peppery homemade chicken soup and enjoyed the pairing very much.

Tonight, which is my day off, Shirley broiled me a juicy 12 oz. New York Strip steak. I had my choice of six different reds and had to decide between a Damiani Meritage or a Fox Run Merlot.
The Meritage is one of my favorite Finger Lakes wines and this was my last bottle and I wanted to save it, so I went with the Merlot. Turned out to be a great choice.

On the nose was a not quite ripe yet blackberry with a little nutmeg and raw ginger. More fruity on the tongue with a mild peppery finish. This went well with the steak and even better with Shirley's roasted veggies (carrot, brussel sprouts, squash, zucchini) roasted with an Italian basting oil. I also enjoyed sipping the Merlot while writing this post.

Well, Regional Wine Week has started out pretty darn good. Looking forward now to the rest of this week and the wines I'll be enjoying.
Tomorrow, Riesling! Can't do a Finger Lakes week with out a good Riesling. Also on tap for the week are a Pinot Noir from Fox Run which was a gift from a friend for my birthday! So that night is taken. The other three nights, mmmmm! going to be a good week.

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Rachele said...

What fun! I like the idea of celebrating regional wines all week long. Wine with soup...I wouldn't know what to pair with chicken I do, thanks.
You can never go wrong with Merlot and steak, in my opinion. Sounds like your week is off to a great start.