Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why Wine: Joeshico Wine Review; Billsboro Winery, Sauvignon Blanc 2008

I think it gets a little scary when you choose a not so good wine for three consecutive nights. When the fourth night comes and you just get home from work and you are looking for a nice wine just to sip, watch a little TV and catch up on a little blog work, you check every bottle in the wine fridge and just can't decide for fear of failing again. That happened this week. But, halllelujah, tonight was a bit more successful.

Tonight I got home a little after 10 pm and went searching the fridge for a nice white wine to relax with. I pulled every bottle of white wine I had (about 20). I passed over many of my favorites before keeping out a Billsboro Winery Sauvignon Blanc 2008.

Billsboro Winery was opened as Geneva's first winery in the spring of 2000 by Bob Pool and Jennifer Morris and is home to 26 acres of rolling hills, vineyards and forest. It is now owned by local winemaker, Vincent ("Vinny") Aliperti, and his wife Kim who plan to continue the Pool-Morris vision of a small, friendly, family-run vinifera winery.

I remembered commenting on an older post that this was may be the best Sauvignon Blanc I tasted outside of my favorites from New Zealand. As a friend of mine always says, "That's my story and I'm sticking to it." But, there are many differences.

The color is not like my NZ wines, which show a greenish tint. This one is a more golden in color.
The aromas are not tropical or grassy, but more of dry grapefruit with a little melon. There is no floral on the nose or palate, but a very nice grapfruit, lemon and mineral. The finish is not long, but not really short and very, very smooth. I think this would even be better with a shrimp cocktail, but for just sipping and relaxing, this wine is excellent.

I find many good Sauvignon Blanc's from New Zealand and Chile between $9 and $12. Some of the better ones between $12 and $20. Billsboro Sauvignon Blanc can be ordered from the winery for $16. Not a great buy, but...

Take it from an amateur wine lover.....Good Buy!


The Wine Whore said...

Hello Joe!

This doesn't sound like one of the typical SB's that are roaming around out there. Sounds tasty though!

Is it just me, or has choosing a bottle of wine become quite a task sometimes. I often sift through what I have laying around for a while before making a decision. Sometimes I'll even pull something out, get ready to open it, and then completely change my mind... ever happen to you?


Shelly said...

Oh my goodness. Three badwines in a row? I think I would have just gone with something I knew I liked on day 4. You are much braver than most. Glad it worked out for you...finally:)

joeshico said...

I can relate to that Randy. It happens alot.
I was thinking along your line Shelly, but every time I had a bottle I knew was good, I just did not want to waste it for sipping. I would rather save for a good meal.
Actually, one of the bad wines was maybe the best in the Fridge. A Melini La Travenella Chianti Classico Reserve 2003, but it was corked.

Buy Wine Online said...

3 Bad wines in a row. NOT good. But we all go through it...

Word of advice, if that happens again, make the 4th Vodka,

You can never go wrong with the right vodka....