Sunday, November 29, 2009

Back to Work!!!

Been a couple of weeks, but I've been away enjoying and celebrating life with my four brothers.
I thought I knew everything about my dad, but when friends and relatives start reminiscing about the past, it's refreshing to know that he he enjoyed life (in his way) to the fullest. I know mom is waiting and this time around he's going to have to listen and obey. R.I.P. dad.

While in PA for Thanksgiving week, I did get to taste this years Beaujolais Nouveau. Reminded me of banana candy mixed in with a little finger nail polish. Gotta be the worst ever! I thought this was supposed to be a banner year! What Happened?

Also, finished a quite a few bottles of Malbec. My one brother is into the Malbec's right now.
Best of the lot was a Marcus James. Nice wine and fantastic price, $8 for 1.5L bottle. Stupid me would have probably passed on that one if wine shopping.

Got home in time for Thanksgiving dinner. I brought a '07 Damiani Meritage and an Anthony Road '08 Riesling to dinner. Had another Riesling from Lamoreaux Landing, but took that along with a few other Finger Lakes wines to PA for my brothers. Not so surprising was a phone call to my wife on Friday from her sister. She requested that I buy her an Anthony Road "08 semi-dry Riesling for Xmas. Just maybe, I gotta her off the "Red Cat."

Last evening I had a real nice Seyval from Hosmer Winery and tonight I opened an Agent for Change Paso Robles Zinfandel. I have a hard time with Zin's, but this one is a lighter bodied and smoother that what I have been tasting. Reviews on both are in the works.

To wrap up this post, I would like to have a rare "Joeshico Rant" (think I may use this again).
To those who like to comment on my blog for the purpose of just linking to your site without any comment on the article, or to give a negative comment, your comment will not be published.
For the anonymous a-hole who does not like my reviews. 1. I am not a wine critic. 2. My blog is more personal with reviews of wines I like and why I like them and 3. If your purpose in reading wine blogs is to get off and you just "don't get it," stick with Robert Parker and ejaculate all you want.

Now I feel better. Back to work!!!


The Wine Whore said...

LOL! I love the comment about Parker. Negative (non-constructive) comments and spam are a huge pain in the ass... I don't blame you for ranting. Glad to see a new post, I know you have had mixed feelings on Zinfandels, I look forward to reading your reviews on this one.

On a side note, I am so sorry to hear about your Dad.

Mark said...

Hi Joe,
Welcome back. Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving minus the Beaujolais Nouveau.

Marcus James Malbec – I’ll have to give it a try.

Curious - Out of the wines that you opened up, which one was the crowd favorite?

Btw – Loved the "Joeshico Rant" – laughing my arse off. But, I do feel you pain…unfortunately nothing permanently kills cockroaches. They always seem to come back sooner or later….

Shelly said...

I have to start with the rant. I didn't know you had such a fierce side in ya. I like it:)

I also enjoy the Marcus James. You know I wouldn't pass up a deal like that. I was impressed with it's full flavors.

The Beaujolais...banana candy sounds good, though maybe not for wine. Mixed with nail polish? I'll make sure to stay clear.

Sorry about your dad. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving.

joeshico said...

Randy, I actually finished the Zin in one night. I hear much about Zin and maybe this will be the kick start I needed to start enjoying it more.
About the rant: I'm still getting comments from A-hole on year old articles. I guess Parker doesn't get him off either.
Mark: Thanks for the comment. The Beaujolais was really terrible.
The crowd fave was definitely the Anthony Road Riesling. Enjoyed by all and requested for Xmas.
Shelly, the rant was overdue. I'm sure many bloggers have to put up with that kind of childish behavior.
I was actually thinking of you when my brother gave me the price on the Marcus James. If you find it in VA, please buy. It was really an outstanding Malbec.

Mark said...

Sounds like I have two wines to try in the very near future.
Thanks Joe!

Wood Wine Racks said...

Wow! Finally a wine blog that someone keeps updated. Glad to see your back and will tune in. Book marked and looking forward to your posts!

Anthony said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad, but glad to hear that you ended up having a good time. Just remember that wine always makes life just easier to enjoy, I love it.

Great blog by the way. I'm not a big fan of red wines, more a Country White fan myself. Keep up the good work!

in vino veritas said...

Sorry to hear about your father. Although I did not know him, I will raise a glass in his honor.
Although we are neighbors, I can't remember seeing a bottle of Finger Lake region wines in our local stores. Which wine would you recommend starting with?

joeshico said...

It's really surprising that NY wines are hard to find in our bordering states. If looking to order for delivery and not knowing where to start can be a dilemma.
I would suggest for whites try Anthony Road Rieslings. Reds I would suggest Ravines Wine Cellars '07 Cab Franc, Fox Run Lemberger or any red from Damiani Wine Cellars.

Anonymous said...

I found your site while searching the web for any information on Marcus James wines. I was just at our local Sprouts market in Texas and found their Malbec, Reisling and Merlot for 3 bottle for $10.. so I figured why not!?! After reading reviews on the web seems the wine is great for the price and about 1/2 price of what I can buy it for in wine stores. thanks for the info on the Malbec...Loved your rant!!! Debbie PS don't have an account with Google, so leaving my name so as not to really be "anonymous"...