Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Joeshico Wine Review: Agent For Change Zinfandel 2006

**Disclaimer: I received these wines from Martellotto Wines

One of the benefits of writing a wine blog is the occasional UPS delivery of wine to taste and review on the blog. Because I am not a wine critic, but write a more or less personnel blog and only post what I find in wines that I like, I am surprised, but feel honored that I was chosen to write my opinion on their wines. It can also be disappointing when the wine received is one that I don't normally drink or one that I have a hard time with. Such was the case with one of the two wines received from Martellotto Wines.

The first one I opened was the Martellotto 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon. Now Cabs I have no problem with. They are one of the wines that I started with a long long time ago in a place far far away and still enjoy today. I believe this is my first from the Paso Robles' region of California. The wine is 85% Cab/Sauv, 10% Merlot and 5% Syrah which gives it a nice fruity and peppery finish. A full bodied wine that I would like with a grilled NY strip, but settled for bites of extra sharp cheddar while watching my Phillies lose the World Series this past October. The wine sells for $18, but can only be purchased on line from Big Hammer Wines.

The second bottle I had to wait a month to open for a couple of reasons. The first was a little stomach problem that still lingers and the second was a fear that this would be like any other Zinfandel I've tried. I don't know why I have a problem with Zin's, but for some reason I never did get into the very full body, high alcohol and very peppery taste I always got, until now.
The second bottle was an Agent for Change 2006 Zinfandel. Blackberry, black cherry and a little dark plum aromas, lower alcohol and smoother finish from this Paso Robles' wine. Not what I was expecting, but any wine that I can finish in one night just sipping while playing on the PC, makes for a good drink. The Zin was also only $15 and like the Cab can be purchased only from Big Hammer Wines.

But wait, or as Paul Harvey would say, "now the rest of the story."
"Agent for Change Wines (code name: A4C) seeks operatives for doing good works by drinking good wines. By drinking charitably, A4C donates a significant portion of the proceeds to worthy non-profit organizations."
"A4C has released three wines from Central Coast California: a Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel, and a Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon blend. Fifty percent of the profits from these wines are donated to community-based organizations that deliver healthcare to uninsured and underinsured workers in the wine industry."

These are good wines at a good price that support a good cause. To help out, please place your order now with Big Hammer Wines.

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The Wine Whore said...

I am always a fan of wine that supports a good cause!

Interesting post! I'm glad you tried another Zin, some of them aren't not half bad... I have to ask though, what did you think of Paso Robles wine? How would you say it compares to other regions?

I like a lot of the ones I've tried from this region, but I haven't quite figured out WHICH types of wine grow best here...