Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Why Wine: Joeshico Wine Review; Fulkerson Winery Dornfelder 2007

This has been one fantastic year of enlightenment for me when it comes to all things wine. Believe I may do a year end article on the subject. If I do, I will have to include the German grape, Dornfelder as one of the highlights.
Dornfelder is a cross between Helfensteiner and Heroldrebe grapes. It is the 3rd most planted red wine grape in Germany. In the Finger Lakes region it is very scarce, only two wineries grow Dornfelder and Fulkerson Winery is the only varietal wine producer.

Color is a dark garnet with light aromas of plum, cherry and a hint of spice. As noted by the wine maker, it is a Beaujolais style wine, dry and fruity with some blueberry on the palate.

I purchased the Dornfelder at the Fulkerson Winery while on the Deck the Halls tour last week.
Price was right at only $12 and during the event the second bottle was 1/2 priced. Of course, I brought home two and now think I should have purchased more. The first bottle was great just sipping with some cheese bits and some chocolate M&M's.
The second, I enjoyed with my daughter's roasted organic free range chicken and some fabulous roasted potato fingerlings.

Add one more new discovery for 2009 and a reason to be very optimistic for 2010. Just too many varieties of grapes yet to be tasted for a first time. It'll be fun! :)


The Wine Whore said...

You know I always love reading your posts! I have to ask, what's you favorite wine you tasted in 2009?

Shelly said...

Sounds yummy and reasonably priced, even if I have never heard of Dornfelder before. I have to get out from under this rock.

What are potato fingerlings?

Frank said...

Agree that there are just too many varietals to try, too little time.
I've only had Dornfelder once in my life, over the course of three weeks, while in Germany. I stayed at the Marriott in downtown Frankfurt, and the hotel served Dornfelder (unlimited open bar) in top floor lounge. Had so much during that three week period, haven't had any since... but definitely would like to try one from FLX.

joeshico said...

Sorry Randy, you'll have to wait for my year in review article which will be posted after Xmas for my favorite.
Shelly, potato fingerlings are young potatoes. Pam buys them pre-packaged. There is usually an assortment of different potatoes in the bag.
From what I read Frank, the German Dornfelder is a sweet red wine, while the Fulkerson is dry. Do you remember what the German wine was?

The Wine Whore said...

I'll be anxiously waiting in suspense!

Catherine said...

A great variety of wines- I can't wait to read your year in review post after the holidays are over! I hope 2010 will be a another good year of enlightenment! Joe, I wish you and your family a wonderful, blessed holiday! Happy Eating & Wine Tasting! :)