Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WHY WINE: Joeshico Wine Review "Dogajolo"

I now know why there are so many wine review sites. You get to enjoy a lot of good wine.
It must all be good, I never see reviews of bad wine. Tonight I am relaxing with a real nice "SUPER TUSCAN." I always associated "Super Tuscan" as being very expensive, like "Tiganello" and "Ornellaia" from the Antinori family and "Sassicaia" from the Tenuta San Guido estate. But, recently(about 5 years ago), my wife brought a bottle home because she liked the label. It was also made by one of our favorite Chianti producers, Carpineto. Since then there has always been a few bottles in my rack for evenings like this. Relax, watch the Oscars and sip a fantastic wine. I am referring to Carpineto's "Dogajolo"

Dogajolo combines the power and deep colors of a young wine, the elegance and balance given by wood aging, as well as a fruity and fragrant bouquet. It is a blend of up to 70% sangiovese and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon. The exact proportions vary with each vintage. It is a deep garnet red, fruity and intense with hints of cherry, coffee, vanilla and spice. At least that is what the "so called" experts say. I get the hint of cherry and vanilla and also plum.

My favorite vintage was the 2003, but this 2006 I'm having right now is real nice. If this is an indication of the '06 Tuscan wines, I can't wait for the Reserva's to be released. The official site for Carpineto suggest this wine should be served with white and grilled meats and cold cuts, but I really enjoy this one with just plain old spaghetti and a good marinara sauce.

A real nice "Super Tuscan" - definitely YES. Expensive - NOT. My rating: 88
My local cost is under $9 with case discount. Can find online under $10.

Take it from a novice: "Great Buy"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My First Wine Review

For the first time, I am going to give the JOESHICO WINE REVIEW. I have been researching hundreds of wine blogs and 90% are reviewing wines. Many of them are in line with many of the "so called" wine experts. Don't get me wrong, I love the info they give, and it's a terrific starting point for the novice wine drinker, but 98% of wine drinkers are not connoisseurs, they just love wine. I am nowhere near a connoisseur, but for 35 years I just love wine and I think it's time to let you novices (like me) hear or see a review by another novice (like you).

As I do this, I am enjoying a Travaglini Gattinara Vendemmia 2001. I had a 2003 in my rack,
last week, but my daughter used the whole bottle for one of her beef recipes. The "beef bourguignon julia child" was one of the best stews I ever had, but my wine was gone. She used the whole bottle. I had to find another and I did. It was a 2001, at $26. (great buy)

"Gattinara" is from the Nebbiolo grape and produced in an area North of Vercelli and has distinct differences to other Nebbiolo wines. (Barolo and Barbaresco). It has a softer texture and a bitter almond taste on the finish.

The color is a deep garnet red. The aroma comes at you immediately at opening. There is some Barolo like tobacco notes and dried fruits. It's very full bodied and tannic and the finish is like "WOW" and "WOW" (long and pleasant).

I found this at a "Mom & Pop" local shop for $26. Could have probably done better at the price at a large warehouse, but I don't care. It is truly worth the $26. At least a 93 in my opinion, but I am not paid the big bucks to give an opinion. Take it from a novice: "great buy"

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

WHY WINE: WINE FACTS; Did you know? part 2

When I decided to get involved in some hobby or task that might add to my retirement income, in the near future, I decided on a website and some blogs so that I can share some knowledge on a given topic. My choice was to start a site and a blog on Wine. Not being a connoisseur, just an everyday wine lover, I knew it would involve a lot of reasearch. That is when the real fun and enjoyment began. In December, I posted a "Did You Know" facts about wine, with a few tid-bits, (some that I did not know) that I picked up in my research. At that time, I didn't think that it would be "part one." But, today I am posting "part two" and look forward to many more.
Part 2
1. European wines are named for the region where they come from and the names are Capitalized. (i.e. Champagne - comes from the champagne region of France.) The rest of the world names their wines for the grape that the wine is made from and the name is in lower- cased letters. (i.e. chardonnay grape). The exception to this rule is that wine named after people is Capitalized. (i.e. Cuvee William Deutz – a Champagne named for the founder of the house Deutz.
2. When serving cheap or inexpensive wines, keeping it cold and serving it with cheese will help mask the taste of the wine.
3. The components of wine: A wine grape is 75% pulp, 20% skin and 5% seeds. The pulp is the soft juicy center that is mostly water and sugar and a small amount of acid, minerals, pectin and a trace amount of vitamins. The sugar, when yeast is added to the pulp, turns into alcohol. The skin and seeds make the tannin. The aroma, flavor and color of the wine comes from the skin. A good wine will have an excellent balance of all components.
4. The riper the grape, the more sugar is present and the higher the alcohol content is present in the wine.
5. A high alcohol content will taste sweet and produce either a full round and supple taste or a thick and chewy taste. It may also produce a burning sensation in the nose and throat. In this case, adding a high level of acidity will balance the wine.
6. As grapes ripen, the acidity lessens. The trick to making a good wine, is knowing when to harvest the grape at the right balance of alcohol and acidity for the type of wine you are trying to produce.
7. A dry wine with not enough acidity will have a dull and flat taste.
8. A sweet wine with not enough acidity will have a flabby taste.