Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why Wine: Joeshico Wine Review; Clos Du Bois Calcaire 2006

I am just going to begin by saying the Clos Du Bois Calcaire 2006 is probably the best Chardonnay I have ever had. Now I'll qualify that statement by saying I do not do white wine that often and that over the years have had probably less or near 100 different Chardonnays and that is really not that many.

Last evening my wife and I had dinner at one of the finest restaurants in Central New York, The Mohegan Manor in Baldwinsville. Deciding on a wine was a bit difficult because my wife decided on having Duck while I had decided on the Scallops. Shirley finally gave up the Chianti(a nice choice for duck) for a Chardonnay, which I wanted with my Scallops.
Made me feel good, I don't win that often.
The wine list offered about nine different Chards. We decided on a mid-range priced California wine from Clos Du Bois. The meal was out of this world, but the best part of the entire evening was the wine.

winemaker's notes:
Hand-selected from premium vineyards in Russian River Valley, the 2006 Calcaire exemplifies the crisp, fresh fruit flavors that make cool climate Chardonnay so appealing. Brilliant, silver-straw yellow in color, this Chardonnay exhibits generous citrus-laced aromas of apple blossom and pear, nutmeg and crème brulée. In the mouth it is creamy and rich, with ripe pear and apple fruit a splash of refreshing lemon and lime. Although ready to drink now, the vibrant acidity of this wine will reward additional cellar aging.

This barrel-selection cuvée comes from some of the Russian River Valley's most sought-after Chardonnay vineyards. Cooled by Pacific fog, the Russian River Valley's extended growing season makes it one of the world's ideal terroirs for nurturing extraordinary Chardonnay.
"Elegant, refined and focused, with a delicate mix of lime-citrus, melon and green apple flavors that are pure and complex, ending with subtle fruit and light oak shadings. Drink now through 2011."

My notes:
I love opening a bottle of Chardonnay and immediately getting that pear and melon aroma.
Very complex, as every time I took a sniff there was something new. Shirley and I started taking notes as we drank the wine with our bread and dip while waiting for our appetizer. She would get green apple then a hint of vanilla or melon, while I was getting citrus and a bit of honeysuckle.
The finish was nothing short of extraordinaire. Very well balanced and perfect with my Scallops.
Shirley also loved the wine with her Duck.

The restaurant price on the bottle was $39, so I assumed I would be able to find just under $20.
But searching on line I found it between $13 and $15. Definitely a wine I am going to stock up on. I have always enjoyed the French Meursault and some Pouilly Fuisse, but the Clos Du Bois Calcaire is now on top of my Chardonnay list. And at $15 a bottle,

Take it from a novice: Great Buy

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Two Dogs

This post is not so much about wine, but about my two new dogs and a new wine company named Two Dogs. Actually it's Due Cani Cellars. The name Due Cani translates from Italian to Two Dogs.

First, let me tell you about my two dogs. Toby (male Yorkie) and Priscilla (female min. poodle mix) came into our home via an organization that rescues unwanted dogs and finds them good homes.
Toby and Priscilla were scheduled to be euthanized at a pound in Kentucky, rescued there and brought to New York for adoption. Toby is about four years old and Priscilla is about two.
The first month was trying to let the dogs know that this will be their last move and have them get used to being in a home that loves them. With that accomplished, the rest is just absolutely one joyous day after another, except for the potty training and that we can handle.(I think, hope, pray) and the occasional runaway when the leash is dropped.

Now you know there must be a connection between my dogs and Due Cani. You see the owners of Due Cani Cellars also own two rescued dogs (chiuauas, Pee Wee and Sherry) Thus the name Due Cani. But there is more:
Due Cani Cellars is a San Francisco based winery that was founded by Harold and Joann Farrell Quinn in 2007 to produce small-lot, single vineyard premium wines.
Due Cani Cellars is only sourcing the highest quality fruit from organically and sustainably farmed vineyards. In addition to producing premium, handcrafted wines, Due Cani is also committed to sustainable practices and support of animal rescue organizations and donates 10% of profit to organizations like those we were lucky enough to adopt our fur kids from.

To find out more about this new venture and the persons behind it, check out their web site at and Joann's Blog at

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why Wine: Joeshico Wine Review; Barons de Rothschild Bordeaux Reserve Speciale 2006

Ok, the wife is cooking pork chops tonight, so I decide to put a favorite Pouilly Fuisse Chard in the fridge because I have no Sauvignon Blanc. She tells me that there is an opened bottle of white wine in the fridge for over two weeks and I should finish that one first. Over two weeks!!! Just dump it, I said. But, at her request I did give it a try. Sometimes my wife is pretty smart. Actually she is usually always right and has me trained very well. The white she had opened for a recipe two weeks ago was a Bordeaux from Barons de Rothschild.(2006 Reserve Speciale) A blend of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc that turned out to be the right choice for tonights pork chop dinner.

Tasting Notes(not mine) - Bright, pale straw-yellow. The nose is intense and elegant, with good aromatic complexity (white flowers and citrus fruit, mineral notes). The palate has a good balance between body and liveliness, aromas of fresh fruit and a long finish. This is a wine for pleasure, intense and easy drinking.

On the aroma I get the mineral notes and Tropical fruit with a bit of grapefruit. That's complex enough for me! It does have good balance and finish is long. I almost find Mango or Papaya, a pretty good fruit mix on the finish. That's a first for me(Mangos and Papayas), but then I just started to enjoy white wines.

My wife also added a bit of the wine to the sauerkraut which made the kraut milder and a little sweeter. It made the pairing so much better.

I don't know why I even bought this wine when I did. I think it was just because the label looked so elegant and the name "Barons de Rothschild Bordeaux Reserve Speciale" sounds so expensive.
But, this was only a $12 wine, a very good $12 wine.
Paired well with my pork chops and sauerkraut and looking forward to trying with some of the wife's summer chicken recipes or a light white fish dinner.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why Wine: Joeshico Wine Review; Damiani Pinot Noir 2006

A few weeks ago, I reviewed a Fingerlakes red table wine from Damiani Wine Cellars of Hector, NY. I was totally surprised that I found a NY red I really enjoyed. And it was a no-brainer that when I found a Pinot Noir from Damiani that I quickly brought one home and just as quick uncorked it. I mentioned in that other review that I am now a believer that New York can produce some outstanding reds. The 2006 Damiani Pinot Noir as solidified that belief. I also think I learned something about tasting wines and to not be too quick to judge. Here's what I mean by that.
After uncorking the Pinot, I was a bit puzzled by the color, not so much the color but the very watery appearance. The wine appeared more like Vitamin Water or a diluted cranberry juice. I first sensed a bit of disappointment simply because I have never seen a Pinot this color. I like my La Crema or Bethel Heights Pinot which are much deeper and began to think back to the wines that had turned me away from New York reds. This was definitely not one of them.
The aroma was smokey, not intense with maybe a bit of plum. A bit acidic on the palate, very light and a short finish. I left the bottle uncorked while the wife and I went shopping. About three hours later I poured another glass and took a sniff. The plum and a bit of cherry where now more evident. The wine was much softer and well balanced. As I worked on my blogs, I finished the bottle. This is an excellent wine to just sit back, relax and sip.
I enjoyed this wine as much as I did the Vino Rosso. Better yet, it was under $10.
Although I do mostly white wine in the summer (some reds), this will definitely be on my list for the cool evenings on the patio or when friends come over to just chill out. Just got to remember to uncork a couple of hours in advance.

Take it from a novice: Great Buy!