Monday, January 4, 2010

Why Wine: Bonterra Vineyards Zinfandel 2007

Somewhere among my 50 New Year's resolutions (99.9% failure rate) was to leave my wine comfort zone more often as I continue to expand my trapped palate. To do so, I will have to taste, I mean drink, more wines that I never tried or wines I just never liked. So, to start off the new year I opened one of my least favorite wines, Zinfandel.
Zin is one wine that over the years I tried earnestly to enjoy. It just never happened. That was not until I tasted and reviewed a Paso Robles Zin from Agent for Change. Today I opened an organic Zin from Bonterra Vineyards in Mendocino County. I purchased the Bonterra, because I have already reviewed two other of their wines, the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Sauvignon Blanc and enjoyed both.
Color was a dark purple with aromas of red raspberry, blueberry and spice. More intense than the last Zin I tasted and liked, but still not as bold or peppery as most I've had. A lot of berry and some plum, spice and pepper with a long and smooth finish.
The first two glasses I drank with a very good mushroom pizza and finished later while watching the Fiesta Bowl. The wine went very well with the pizza dinner, but I felt it was still not going to go into my list of nice sipping wines. I still though, see and feel the change in my acceptance of good wines that before I would not have finished the first glass. The Bonterra Zinfandel is one that I will buy again. It was also organic, and I am becoming fond of organic wines. It will take a lot of testing or tasting to prove that organic grown grapes makes a difference in quality of a wine and I'm ready to volunteer as a test subject, someday! Price $15

8 months with 40% in once-used new French and American oak toasted medium plus, 25%
twice-used French and American oak, and the remaining 35% in mostly neutral oak.

Total Acidity 0.61g/100ml
pH 3.65
Alcohol 14.5%
RS: .06
Varietal Content
86% Zinfandel
11% Petite Sirah
3% Syrah
Limited Release of 33,000 cases


Hampers said...

Thanks for sharing the Bonterra Vineyards Zinfandel 2007 review. Never tasted it. Will put this bottle to test. I love Bordeaux.

The Wine Whore said...

Glad to see you trying more Zins!

I like the fact that you can drink these with pizza. Some of course, go better than others.

I am always apprehensive when it comes to the organic label. For instance, is this wine 100% organic, organically farmed... etc?

Drives me nuts! :)

in vino veritas said...

I have not trid their Zin yet but I had the Bonterra McNab 2003 which is a blend of Merlot, petite Sirah and Cabernet. This was a nice wine. Give this one a try.

Morten Pedersen said...

I have never tasted this wine, but I see that it is available in Scandinavia so I think I will put it on my buy list for the next trip to the store.

Winelady Cooks said...

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the notes on the Bonterra Zin. The picky one in our family unexpectedly enjoyed the Bonterra Cabernet, so I'm hoping to get him to try the Zinfandel.

Thanks again.