Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why Wine: Cline Cellars: Giving Back with Cashmere 2008

One of the great things about social networking is that you often get in contact with friends and classmates from a time when all was great, life was fun and we were all going to live forever.  Well, all was great, life was fun, but the reality of living forever soon wears off as some of those friends and classmates and those we meet in our adult life begin to pass on.  I was reminded of just that this past week as I chatted with an old friend and High School classmate from the mid-60's. She noted that one of our classmates succumbed to breast cancer this past year and that her own cousin, just this past week, also died of breast cancer. We probably all know some body that died of this disease and may also know survivors.  I am fortunate to know a few survivors, including one male, now retired, co-worker.  This disease is not reserved for just women.  Another male co-worker is now dealing with breast cancer.
I thought is was kinda ironic that just a few hours after hearing this news, I spotted a wine bottle in one of my favorite shops, with a pink ribbon on the label. With that mornings conversation still fresh in the mind, I was not going to pass up buying that wine and researching the winery.  Here's what I learned.
The winery is Cline Cellars. 
One of the first wineries on the road to wine country, Cline Cellars is located 45 minutes north of San Francisco in Sonoma-Carneros. This historic property was once the site of a Miwok Village and the first camp of the Sonoma Mission. The tasting room is located in an 1850s farmhouse and the wine is the Cline Cellars Cashmere 2008.

Cline Cellars is a proud sponsor Breast Cancer’s Network of Strength’s "Ride to Empower."
Now most of my readers know I have another blog..My Pro Cycling Blog.   I have for many years, even before Lance, followed pro cycling.  I also like to bike a little on my Trek road bike.  Not what I used to and nowhere near being a true cycling enthusiast.  Because of that, Cline Cellars involvement with Ride to Empower has sparked my interest.
On October 24th nine Team Cline members and 70 others participated in Breast Cancer Network of Strength's Ride to Empower in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada. Cyclists rode 37, 64 or 100 miles.With the support of friends, family and colleagues, they raised more than $23,000. Cline Cellars is a national sponsor of the event and contributes $25,000 from the proceeds of 2008 Cashmere sales.
Cashmere is a silky and wonderful blend of Mourvèdre, Grenache, and Syrah.  
Winemaker Notes:
We initially created this blend as an auction lot for the Hospice du Rhone held in Paso Robles each year. Cashmere is a very flavorful, smooth wine offering big cherry, raspberry and chocolate notes with hints of cracked black pepper and plum.
I drank a glass last night at what was a ideal serving temperature for most reds.  The wine reminded me some what of Beaujolais.  There was a lot of cherry and strawberry with some hints of sugar plum. Since I like my Beaujolais a bit chilled I put the rest of the wine in the cooler and chilled it a little for tonight and that made a world of difference. The cherry aromas came out and with the chocolate notes added this was more aromatic.
In the mouth, Cashmere is light and velvety with lots of berry and plum. The finish was a little sweet and little short, but over all was a great value at $15.
Definitly not Beaujolais, but fruit forward with much higher alcohol.  I did pair with some Brie and crackers, which was OK.  I'd like to try with a pork tenderloin or even a thick hamburger, but just sipping was great.
Wine type:       Red Wine
Varietal:           Blend
Appellation:      California
Acid:                .67 g/100ml                                                           
PH:                   4.06
Bottling Date:    August 2009   

Residual Sugar:  .20%
Alcohol%:          15%


Jamie said...

Precisely my sentiment. I think its a worthwhile endeavor if you are into wines.

The Wine Whore said...

This one is a little high on the alcohol... did it taste that way too?

Jamie said...

Cheers to Cline Cellars. I will surely patronize their products because they are one of the few wine companies that do their share in community building. It is such a great effort to support breast cancer activities through sponsorships.

Thomas @ The Blog Wine Cellar said...

I've had this Cashmere before. When I tasted it I thought it was pretty soft and quaffable. Nevertheless, a fun thing to try if you haven't tasted a whine like this before. Oh, and cheers to giving to a good cause!

Shelly said...

I'm definitely looking for this one. Sounds good. You think it tastes better chilled? Is that colder than 55?

One Hope Wines give 50% of their profits to different charities. I believe the Charconnay is for Breast Cancer and it was my favorite of the bunch.

Sorry to hear about your classmates and co-workers.

joeshico said...

There are many wineries that contribute, through their sales, to many worthwhile charities. It's good marketing and it's good for the community.
Randy, the alcohol content was noticed some the first night, but not the bad. Chilled, I did not notice at all.
Shelly, my wine fridge is set to 46F, so I would suggest under 50F.

Ashley said...

I had a bottle of Cline Cashmere a few weeks ago. A great wine for a great cause! I don't care for reds chilled too much, so enjoyed it at room temperature and it was wonderful. Nice post!

joeshico said...

Thank you Ashley for visiting and commenting. I too like my reds at room temp., but I find that sometimes when I have fruity reds with a little sweetness a little chill is quite nice.
I also find your blog very interesting. Will be nice to follow you and your husband in your new venture as winemakers and winery owners.

Hospice in Ventura said...

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