Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Concha y Toro Casillero del Diablo Carmenere 2008

This is the third of the Carmenere wines I tasted this month.  As I stated in my previous two articles, Carmenere is one of the wines I've pushed aside in the past, but have placed on a list to re-examine in 2010.  The first two left me with mixed feelings about the wine.  The Arboleda 2006 was more full bodied with lots of  earth, green pepper and tobacco.  It lacked any fruit with the exception of some black current or some black raspberry in the mouth.  The Concha y Toro Marques de Concha Casa 2007 was much different with more fruit aromas and less earth and tobacco.  Although I would like to try the Arboleda with a thick grilled steak, the Marques de Concha Casa was more versatile and would do well with chicken, stews, burgers and pizza.
Tonight I uncorked another Carmenere from Concha y Toro, the Casillero del Diablo 2008 Reserve.  Again I found something much different than the previous two, maybe a bit in-between.
There was a little dark cherry and blueberry hidden under the aromas of  tobacco and chocolate. The mouth was offering the same with a little spice leading to a dry, but peppery finish.  I did enjoy this with some Muenster and Dubliner cheese.  The price was also right for this one, at $10 you can't go wrong.
The Marques de Concha Casa, at $20, was definitely the best of the three, although the Casillero del Diablo was a great buy. I'm still not sold on Carmenere.   In a few months I will try another three and hopefully three more before the year ends. It'll be fun!!!


Hampers said...

Thanks for sharing the review of Concha y Toro Casillero del Diablo Carmenere 2008. Would love to try it this weekend.

Shelly said...

I love to pair the fuller bodied wines with food. Usually a juicy steak. It just seems to bring out more of the flavours. I haven't tried too many of the Carmenere's but will definitely look for this one on my trip to Total Wine today.

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