Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rancho Zabaco Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel Reserve 2004

I'm leaving Chile(till later) and heading over to California to try a few more Zin's.   I'm starting to surprise myself with what I am finding with Zinfandel and also a bit disappointed that I wasted so many years with such a limited selection or narrow palate.  It shows what can happen to one's palate when staying with one type or varietal over a very long period of time without giving other varietals a chance.   It's a lot of fun trying new wines now, but just wish I didn't have to go to school all over again at my age.
The first of the Zin's I recently stocked up on is the Rancho Zabaco Dry Creek Valley 2004 Reserve.
Deep dark fruit aromas with some cherry.  Lots of blackberry, cherry, a little plum and chocolate fills the mouth with a nice long and a bit peppery finish.
The 2004 vintage is 96% Zinfandel and 4% Petite Sirah. The PS contributed to the spicy finish on this full bodied, bold wine. Much more jammy than the Paso Robles Zins I recently tasted and more like those Zins I had difficulty handling years ago. Hey, you're never too old to learn.  Not that I am old??
Uncorked this wine with pork chops and found it fair to good with the pork.  Dessert though was a chocolate volcano cake covered with raspberries, whipped creme and Chambord Liqueur where this wine shined. Also saved a glass for later with some extra sharp NY cheddar cheese bites. Again, a great pairing and a great price.  I purchased locally for $18 and enjoyed what tasted like a much more expensive Zin. Will buy this wine again!


Shelly said...

I think it's great to find so many options to meet our moods. That Zin sounds packed with character and I wouldn't want to sip on it alone, I like something simpler for sipping. You've just proven my theory of meal pairings. Different foods bring out the good and great flavorings of the wine. That's the part I love the most. Especially when it works in my favor:)

Mark said...

Love your spirit Joe! I absolutely agree that this particular Zin should be on every red wine drinker’s list of wines to try in 2010. It's a terrific value for less than $20. I've even seen it for less than $15 at a few places. btw - that dessert sure sounds mighty good as well!

Wine Miser said...

Hello there Joe,

I agree with your recommend on the Concannon PS - great for under $15, it's a bruiser though.

One other massive wine I found that I like is the Michael and David Petite Petit - Huge wine but, oh so much rich fruit.

Must be the cold - Great time to drink the big reds.

in vino veritas said...


I think we need to do a tasting of all the Rancho Zabaco wines. I just posted the Sonoma Heritage Zin that was pretty tasty too. I will be searching out their other Zins also. Enjoyed your post.