Thursday, April 15, 2010

Old Title, New Blog.

After a year of Why Wine Blog, I was contemplating leaving the Blogger platform and moving elsewhere.   But, I like and have become accustom to what I had and I am not one for making major changes or starting over.
Recently, Blogger as added a few new gadgets and a new template designer.  In my opinion the template designer is the best feature and what I was looking for to pursue my blogging hobby and for additions of more available templates.
The problem arises in that I don't have or don't want to start experimenting with my blog.
Fortunately, I do own another domain (MYWINEBASKET. com) name that was used for a now defunct web-site.  Using my other domain, I can now train myself to make all the changes before testing them out on my Why Wine Blog.
I have always admitted that I know little about wine, very little about journalism and very, very little about using a computer, so this may take a long time, but I am sure to have fun doing so.
I can also use any or all FREE advice from my blogging brothers and sisters.  So, please feel free to visit the new blog and leave a note.  I am very good at handling constructive  criticism.  I will be not publishing all comments on the new blog, but have given an email address for any advice.
I am now working on adding pages and just finished a LINKS tab.  I have added some of my favorite blogs for now. Other pages will follow.

New blog title:  MY WINE BASKET


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