Monday, May 24, 2010

Chateau Lafayette Reneau dry and semidry Riesling 2008

With May and New York Riesling month coming to close soon, it is safe to say that I tasted more Riesling this month than any one year in my life.  The hard part was deciding which ones I would post on the blog.  After this article I will post once more on a NY Riesling and may list all those I have had. I also chose a few, either drier or sweeter Rieslings, that were previously reviewed.  This turned out to be a little difficult for me to compare a dry I tasted this week to a semi-dry that I tasted six to eight months ago.  There were some differences in what I posted in aromas and I tried to remember what differences there may have been in some of the floral and citrus characteristics.  I guess I should have been keeping notes and making them more accurate.  It's also a reminder that I may be out of pre-school when it comes to wine tasting, but I still haven't made it to Jr. High.

This week I decided to open a dry and semi-dry from the same winery to compare and I chose one of the nicest Rieslings so far; Chateau Lafayette Reneau 2008. Both were opened with a BBQ chicken dinner. Since I do prefer drier wines, I uncorked the semi-dry first.  Why, I'm not sure.  Maybe it was the idea of saving the better for last.  Anyway, I did find them different, but not necessarily one being better than the other.


Winemakers notes: semi-dry ($15)

Pale gold color with pineapple and honeysuckle aroma.  Lovely in the mouth with a long, lingering spicy pear finish.  Abundance of Riesling character.

My notes:

Aromas of melon, floral(honeysuckle) and grapefruit with a mouthful of grapefruit finishing long, citrusy and sweet, but not as sweet as I expected. I actually liked this one better with the chicken and fresh asparagus.

Winemakers notes: dry ($15)

An appealing apple-like tartness perfectly structured to enhance any meal. Pale straw in color, this elegant wine is light in the mouth and reveals notable citrus character.

My notes:

I found this wine to have a much lighter aroma with some citrus, honeydew melon and honeysuckle.  More zing, pink grapefruit and thicker feel of honey in the mouth. Finish was long, dry with some sweet taste like you get when eating honey. Truly enjoyable.  The dry Riesling was my favorite of the two. Of course, that's me.  But, the semi-dry paired better with the chicken. Either way you can't lose.

This week I will be visiting the east side of Seneca Lake and hope I have time to re-visit  Chateau Lafayette Reneau.  I have some relatives in PA that will absolutely love these wines and I'll be there on Friday with a case of NY Rieslings.

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mark said...

Hey Joe,
Always great to read about NY Rieslings on your site. Hope you have a great weekend back home. It sounds like your relatives are in for a real treat!