Sunday, May 16, 2010

Zugibe semi-dry Riesling 2008

This past weeks edition of the Syracuse New Times, a weekly alternative newspaper published in Syracuse, New York, contained an interesting article on Finger Lakes Riesling.  Titled 'Grape Expectations,'  the article promoted Riesling month in the Finger Lakes and interviewed the proprietor (Gary Decker) of one of my favorite wine shops (Vinomania) in Syracuse. Gary noted four wineries, one of which I vaguely remember from an article written by Evan Dawson for the New York Cork Report.  Evan is passionate about Finger Lakes wines and authors some of the most interesting articles on the subject. His article "Life, Death and Rebirth at Zugibe" is the story of a winery, that survived the death of their founder just weeks before their first vintage.  Their rise out of adversity is signified by the Phoenix found on the Zubibe labels.

This past Saturday I was able stop by Vinomania and pick up the Rieslings mentioned in the New Times article.   The only one sold out was Ravines, but I did bring home the other three.  The first one I opened was the Zugibe semi-dry 2008($14).  Shirley did not feel like working in the kitchen today so we dined on Chinese take-out.  I was the only one drinking wine and that meant a pairing with chicken and broccoli.  After tonight, Riesling will now be my wine of choice with that meal.

All the characteristic aromas of Finger Lakes Riesling were present.  A nice blend of grapefruit, floral (honeysuckle) with some melon lead to a nice mouthful of citrus, melon and peach and a hint of sweetness.  Sipping later was delightful.

I was starting to put together an itinerary for a May 26 wine tour and just added Zugibe Vineyards to the top of my list.  We will probably stay on the east side of Seneca Lake this time and plan to do a Cayuga Trail tour in June.  Getting ready for some fun.

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Evan Dawson said...

I love this line: "Sipping later was delightful." It's a subtle reminder that some of the real value of Finger Lakes Rieslings come in their diverse range of potential settings. Pre-dinner? Check. With food? Even better. Later, after a satisfying meal? That's the time I love to re-evaluate.

Nice stuff.