Friday, June 25, 2010

Finger Lakes Wine In New York City

I believe I made my love of Finger Lakes wines known to all that read this blog.  Even so, I become disillusioned when traveling to New York City or surrounding states and find it difficult to find much more than the mass produced wines from a very few wineries available.
Now there is a wholesale company located in Ithaca NY that will provide Finger Lakes wines to restaurants in New York City.

Upstate Wine Company provides only the highest quality, award-winning wines from Upstate New York to the New York City area. They are driven by a passion to share outstanding local wines that focus on environmental responsibility.
Upstate Wine Company only carries wine harvested, produced and bottled in upstate New York. Further, because they select only the best of the upstate New York wines, their wine portfolio is not overloaded nor do they push sub-par wines. Upstate Wine Company looks at a bottle of wine as being more then a line in our price book, which is why they build personal relationships with local Winemakers and Vineyard managers throughout the region. Their goal is to provide customers the enjoyment of high quality wines while minimizing their environmental impact.
Upstate Wine Company’s knowledge that New York State is a world-class wine region drives them to provide world-class representation in NYC. Wine procurement from Upstate Wine Company is a hassle free experience through their superior 24/7 customer service, multiple ordering platforms and personalized wine concierge services.
This will be very beneficial for all of the Finger Lakes wineries.  Can Finger Lakes wines be soon found in greater abundance in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio and all other Northeast States.  Let's hope so 

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