Monday, June 7, 2010

Vacation's Over

Tomorrow I must return to work after a pleasant but hard two week vacation. I really don't know where to rank this time off or how to compare it to others. I like to use my vacation time to wind down, relax, and enjoy doing what I want or like to do.  This one was a bit different.
Started out OK.  Finished a few odds and ends around the house, enjoyed a great day on a Finger Lakes wine tour, visited family in Pennsylvania and attend my High School class reunion (20th, I believe, or 45th possibly). After one week, everything was going as planned. The second week was supposed to be relaxing, grilling steaks, burgers and chicken and tasting and reviewing a few wines.  Maybe even getting a few articles ahead to post on the blog.  Shirley had other plans.
Landscaping the front yard, new addition to rear of garage, new front window, total cleansing of the downstairs family room and about 6 million small task that somehow had to be done in seven days.  The most difficult wast moving four yards of topsoil with a four square foot garden wheel barrow.  That's somewhere around one gazillion fill ups.  Can't remember the last time I was so stiff.  Tomorrow,  back to work for a well deserved rest.
On a more upbeat side to the vacation was the wine.  Finished the month of May by enjoying many of the Finger Lakes Riesling brought home from the Seneca Lake wine tour and opened a few from the west coast to compare.  A Central Coast California Riesling was, lets say different, but a Washington State Riesling from Chateau Ste. Michelle was worthy enough to be stand beside those of the Finger Lakes.  I also opened a couple of white wines from Octavin Home Wine Bar.  A Chardonnay was disappointing, but a review on the Sauvignon Blanc is coming up next post.  I also enjoyed a few reds and two nights sharing some Corona Light beers with my daughter, Pam.  I'm not into beers, but they did go down well on the hot nights with the grilled burgers.
Well, the two weeks are now over and I must return to the day job for five days and then another week off.  This time a four day trip to New York City and a few Broadway plays. I also hope to pick up some Long Island wines and visit a few of the many wine bars in Manhattan. Just hope Shirley can't find the 'honey do' list.

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