Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Boho Vineyards Old Vine Zinfandel 2008 3L

I've been holding out on the wine reviews until everything gets back to normal after my surgery. At present, my Cardiologist has OK'd 3-4 oz. of wine per day and, for me, that just don't cut it.  I do cheat a bit and I also skip some evenings.  That means an open bottle may sit for over a week and the final few glasses may be a bit bitter or that much of what was a decent wine when opened gets thrown down the drain. That is what happened with the first bottles I opened.
I then decided to open a 3 litre box of Boho Vineyards Old Vine Zinfandel that was sent to me from the Underdog Wine Merchants.  I have already tasted two of the Octavin Home Wine Bar artisan white wines and did review the Sauvignon Blanc from that collection and was looking forward to trying the Zin, but not necessarily writing a review.  I am doing so because it is now 14 days since my first taste and the wine, which is sitting out on my wine table (not kept chilled), may even be better now than two weeks ago.

*Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample from the PR folks representing the brand.
Winemakers Notes:
The grapes from the Oakley Old Zinfandel Vines provide the base for this wine.  Long hot days balanced by the cool San Francisco bay fog each night create the optimal environment to grow Zinfandel. Being from Old Vines, the yield from each harvest is naturally limited, which translates into intense fruit flavors. Combining cool fermentation and American oak barrel aging techniques creates a versatile wine that delivers plum jam flavors, with spice and dry herb notes from the American oak, and food-friendly alcohol levels that deliver a firm but not over-powering finish.

My Notes:
Aromas of dark plum, some dark cherry and an almost sweet smell, uncharacteristic of Zin, but pleasant on the nose. Lots of plum and dark fruit, spice and somewhat intense with a very smooth and long finish. A little lighter bodied than what I'm used to in Zin.

I have had this wine with chicken, salmon, talapia, trout, homemade pizza, pork, tenderloin steak and the small piece of chocolate cake I'm allowed throughout the past two weeks and found it enjoyable with every dish. If you're having the boss over for dinner, this may not be the wine you want to serve to make an impression, but for an everyday wine, it can't be beat.  Best of all is the price.  The suggested price for this 3L box wine is $23, but you can find on-line for as low as $18.  That is for 3 liters or four standard 750ml bottles. Even better is that the wine bag does not allow in air and this will keep your opened wine fresh for up to six weeks.

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