Thursday, August 19, 2010

SH*T: Back to Work

Yesterday I received the news I have been dreading for the past month.  My Cardiologist says I can return to work before Labor Day (Sept 6).  I was just getting use to my time off and was even accomplishing, to Shirley's surprise, getting some task done around the house. I have also convinced myself that my problems were entirely do to work related stress.  If you know my boss you would all agree jelly donuts, chips, pizza and ice cream had nothing to do with it.
I did begin to dwell on everything that I have accomplished since the surgery.  Not really much, so this post won't be too long, but I thought it was worth posting.
First, was finishing some never read wine books that I have been collecting.  Some were a little informative and some became down right interesting.  The best of the lot were The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil and Essential WineTasting by Michael Schuster.
The Wine Bible was the first wine publication I ever bought.  I have used it as a reference guide, but never read the book cover to cover.  The first half of the book is loaded with information about what wine is and how wine is made. The second half was all about wines from around the world and how to understand the viniculture and the labeling.  I'm still confused on the French labels though, but I am still working on understanding or more like remembering their meaning. I would do a review or "book report" on this one, but I still owe all eight required reports from High School and don't want to piss off any of my HS English teachers that may still be alive.  I would though recommend The Wine Bible to anyone interested in learning everything about wine.
Another book of interest was Essential WineTasting.  Nice, but sometimes disappointing to find out all I have been doing wrong when tasting wine.  This book is the complete practical winetasting course. A detailed course that is clear enough for beginners, yet comprehensive enough for more experienced tasters.  After reading, I placed myself in with the beginners as I explored every major grape variety and how its wines differ around the world.  It also gives a series of nine practical tastings which illustrate the key differences in wine styles, flavors and quality. Now I just have to train the nose in the many aromas presented by all these wines.
I also spent many hours fooling around with the blog.  Different schemes, layouts, backgounds and colors over a two week period until I found something Shirley and I both agreed on.  I have come to the conclusion that the look of the blog will always be a work in progress.  I also enjoy doing this on my own and not paying a site developer to give me something I would want to change in the near future.  Maybe, someday I will take an adult education course on understanding computers and produce an awarding winning blog all on my own.
Finally, after Doc's OK, I started to open many of the wines I have been hoarding, understood what the label said and swirled, sniffed and savored like a pro.  Alright, at least I felt like a pro, but an amateur I'll always be.
Now, if any of you actually made it through this article, please comment and let me know about the new look of the blog.  Shirley and I still feud about the color and I'm not sure of the new pages.  Next week, back to the day job and hopefully a new review.


Jo Diaz said...

I'm thinking your boss doesn't read your blog? :^)

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Sharnee said...

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