Monday, August 9, 2010

Stoney Lonesome Estates, Reserve White Merlot 2008

I love it when Shirley decides to experiment in the kitchen.  It either means we end up going out to dinner or I am in for a special treat.  I don't always know where she gets her inspiration and last night I did not see any of her cookbooks on the counter, so that means she thought about this recipe while trimming her herb garden.
What I do know is that she cooked skinless chicken breast in apple juice with oyster mushrooms, slices of gala apples and diced mint fresh from the garden.
I at first opened a dry Riesling, but was astonished to find it loaded with acid and lacking any of the fruit or floral I was looking for to pair with the chicken.  My second choice was a 375ml bottle of white Merlot that was given to me by winery owner Dave Mansfield when I visited his Three Brothers Winery in May.
A Stoney Lonsesome Estates 2008 Reserve.

Our visit to the winery just happened to be the same day that the white Merlot was being bottled.  I also got to barrel taste this semi-sweet rosé and was waiting for something a little different out of Shirley's kitchen to give it a try.  Since the dry Riesling turned me off, I figured the time and pairing was right for a sweeter wine.

The aromas were more of red berries like raspberry and strawberry with agave sweetener.  The fruity aromas stayed in the mouth and the 5% RS gave  it a nice feel.  Finish was so-so but enjoyable.  It paired well with the chicken and mushroom, but not that well with the mint.  So, I just scraped off all the mint leaves and enjoyed the meal and the wine.

The white Merlot has been released and can be purchased at the winery for $17.

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Rachele said...

Well,here I am learning something new. A white merlot? I had no idea. I'm more impressed with Shirley's cooking, though. That dish sounds wonderful...and she just made it up? You're a lucky guy.