Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Time For Updating - New Links Page

  When it became apparent that I would be out of work for at least three months, I thought it would give me time to look into and completely update the blog.  However, it seems that I have always been either out walking when I can, watching TV or napping and never feeling up to doing anything on the PC.  Maybe today, it starts.
  Before changing the layout or the template itself I began to add pages to the present layout.  I actually spent all day adding a links page that will eventually replace the list in my right column.  While doing so, I have eliminated all links to blogs that have not posted an article in 12 months or more.  I do not believe I missed anyone, but if I did please e-mail me and I will correct the miss.  I also added descriptions to each link.  Most were taken from the linked in blog, but some did not give enough info so I gave the link a description that I believed would be acceptable.  If, for any reason, any blogger currently on the links page wishes I change the blog description please contact me a joeshico@gmail.com with what you wish as a description.
  I will leave the current list titled "My Favorite Blogs" in the right column for 30 days.  Hopefully, I will have all the other changes completed by then and will be able to work on the new look.
  Please comment or e-mail with any suggestions.  I am always open for suggestions and I do always appreciate constructive criticism. (keyword: constructive).

Joe (joeshico)

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