Monday, August 30, 2010

Wine Shopping Before Work

Just enjoyed a fantastic last week of an 11 week summer vacation.  Of course three of the weeks were a little bit less than enjoyable, but it did end on a great day of wine shopping at a few shops that I have never been to before. 
One, a small village shop with one of the best selections of Italian, German, Australian and California wines that I have seen locally.  Many were labels I have never seen other than the premier shops in New York City.  They did have everything from a Tenuto San Guido Sassicaia at $250 to a few $9 Chiantis from Italy on the shelves and today at Shirley's request I was shopping for Italian wines. One drawback was the distance traveled to find this shop and another was their pricing.
The second was a recently purchased wine and spirits warehouse with a very large selection of wines, especially the largest selection of Finger Lakes wine I've seen in any shop.  Pricing is the lowest I have seen locally.  Now I have to figure out if the 20% case discount I get at my favorite warehouse will beat their everyday low pricing.
I did manage to bring home a case of Italian wines.  Well not a full case of Italian, there were some Argentina Malbecs thrown in.   Opened two so far.  An Italian Primivito $17 and an Argentinian Malbec $11.  Both were extraordinarily good and reviews will be coming. May have to do away with my once a week pick and do both.  May have to do the entire case if all are this good.  That will be fun.  Now to physche myself up for tomorrow's return to work. Oh well, shit happens.

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