Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Don Miguel Gascon Malbec 2009

In certain times, certain wines become a fad.  I remember when I started enjoying wines that Cabernet Sauvignon was "thee wine to have."  Later it was Chianti, then Merlot and Syrah and now entering the picture is Malbec.  In a very short period of time, Argentina has taken this French grape and has begun to produce some of the most incredible tasting wines to ever be produced in South America. Most are priced under $15 and many delicious Malbecs are under $10.
Today, I am finishing a Don Miguel Gascon Malbec 2009 that I recently found for $11 at a local wine shop.
Today, the wines of Don Miguel Gascón are crafted in the City of Mendoza at the same winery that was built by the Spanish visionary whose name bears it. Begun in 1884, the winery is an historic landmark in the history of Argentine winemaking, yet it houses some of the most advanced winemaking technology in the world.
During the 1940’s, the Gascón family bottled Argentina’s first 100 percent varietal Malbec. Now, Ernesto Catena, a fourth generation winemaker, has brought the wines of Bodegas Escorihuela Gascón to high status in Argentina, and to prominence with critics and connoisseurs throughout the world.
For that price this wine is incredible. I have had this wine before, but I can't remember it being this good.
Aromas were lite, but filled with blackberry, dark cherry, plum and some damp soil with a little hint of pepper. Blackberry, some cherry with pepper and mocha led to a dry smooth, not overly long finish.
We opened this wine on the patio with BBQ chicken, hot dogs for Pam and Shirley grilled herself an Italian chicken sausage.  We all loved the wine.  Like a good Chianti this a wine excellent with any food and also excellent for sipping afterwards.


Lindsey said...

I've heard great things about Malbecs from Argentina, but I am yet to try one. I definitely have to expand my Argentinean wine taste, as I have read many good things about wines from that area. Thanks for the synopsis!

Jackie said...

I had this wine over the weekend and it was wonderful. I wish I had bought a second bottle. Thanks for the review.