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Renzo Masi Chianti Riserva 2007 and Recipe From Shirley

I've been getting a few comments on the blog and from friends at work about Shirley's recipes, so when I can I will add the recipe to the blog post along with a review of the wine used in the recipe.  Also planning to add a recipe page and post recipes from my readers. Only rule will be that the recipe be original and it must use wine. (no cooking wine)
One of the things Shirley is good at is using leftovers and anything she finds in the fridge or pantry to put together a fantastic meal.  Well, most times anyway.  There are failures, but you won't see them here.
This one was done in 30 min. on Saturday morning because I was mandatoried to work and had nothing ready to take for my 7 p.m. lunch.  The wine used was a Renzo Masi Chianti Riserva 2007. ($14)
I just recently purchased this Chianti, because I have had it before and knew it was a great value at the $14 price.  For the recipe it was terrific, but I did find it a little light on aromas and on the palate.  Not what I remembered from the 2004 I tasted.  Not that it was that bad, it was just disappointing.  There were aromas of blackberry and some dark cherry with a little toasted oak and smoke.  It was more dark cherry and tobacco in the mouth and the finish was very dry and lingering. It did pair fairly well with the sauce, but I kept thinking how well a nice Chardonnay would be and how the flavor of the sauce might be if Chardonnay was used.  But that is Shirley's realm and I try not to interfere, but the suggestion was made and she may try the Chard next time.  Then again, why mess too much with something that comes out this good.  Now for Shirley's first posted recipe, but first her cooking rules.

Shirley's Kitchen Rules:
No table salt is used in my recipes. (Not even in water for noodles and pasta)
Most of these recipes can be made with chicken or beef. (I don’t eat beef)
Most of my recipes I concoct with what I find in my refrigerator.
The majority of my recipes are Mediterranean in nature, although I will try any cuisine.
I very seldom use measures because taste is subjective and you can add or subtract any amount of ingredients in my recipes according to your taste.
If you absolutely need to know amounts, email Joe and I will try to give you measurements.
Joe and I disagree, but I use wine in my recipes that I will drink with my dinner. I don’t care if it’s an expensive bottle. If a cheap wine does not taste quite good enough, why would I add it to my dish and ruin my cooking? The flavor of the wine will come through the cooking.

After Heatwave Chicken Mushroom Dish
After the last heatwave of the summer, a good dish of comfort food is just what the body needs to rejuvenate the appetite.

Extra virgin olive oil
Red onion, finely chopped
Garlic, finely chopped
Button mushrooms, sliced
Baby Bella mushrooms, sliced
Chicken breast, halved(see recipe directions)
Coating mixture, equal parts of breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese and flour
Noodles (I use 'no egg yolk' noodles)
Chicken stock or 'no salt' bouillon
Canned tomatoes, gently rinsed
Fresh basil
Saute the onion, garlic and mushrooms in olive oil.
Cut three boneless,skinless chicken breasts lengthwise. (Hold the breast on edge and cut like a bagel so you end up with flat pieces. It takes a little time to do, but the portions are right for a single serving and the chicken cooks quicker.)
Dredge the sliced chicken in the coating mixture.
Add to pan and brown over medium heat.
Start water boiling and cook the noodles.
When both sides of chicken are a nice crusty brown, add enough wine and chicken bouillon or chicken stock to make a gravy.
Add tomatoes and a handful of whole leaf basil.
Bruise the leaves in the pan. This will also squash the tomatoes.
Gently boil until tomatoes are melted and juice is thick enough to be a gravy.
Remove the wilted basil and add noodles.
Just before serving, add some fresh cut minced basil.
Buon Appetito

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