Sunday, October 17, 2010

Regional Wine Week 2010

Last year during regional wine week, I was able to taste (and consume a bit) some of my favorite wines from the nearby Finger Lakes.  This year, although I planned for more, did not turn out as well as I would have liked. A bit under the weather and a big change in my drinking habits, because of my recent heart surgery, I was still planning on tasting some wines from some of the other regions in New York.
That was accomplished, but not without some disappointment.
On a recent visit to New York City, my wife was able to find some wines from Long Island and I was anticipating more than what I got.
First, I do not understand the fact that Shirley had to visit five wine shops in the Tribeca and Soho areas of Manhattan before finding any wines from Long Island and the two that she brought home where from two different wineries owned by the same family.  You would think that LI wines would be more readily available in Manhattan.
Secondly, I was disappointed in both the wines Shirley found.  I don't post articles on wines I don't favor so I will just say that I will get back to Long Island in the spring.  You can't judge the terroir on just one or two selections and they were my first two LI wines.
The big surprise, at least for me, was a wine from the Hudson Valley region.  This one I was not expecting much, but the Empire Red from the Hudson-Chatham winery was a hit.  A blend of Finger Lakes Cabernet Franc, Long Island Merlot and Hudson Valley Baco Noir delivered pleasant aromas, a very nice mouth and a long, dry, fruit filled and smooth finish.
I finished Regional Wine Week with one of my favorites, an Atwater Estate Vineyard Syrah. Syrah is one grape I would like to see more of in the Finger Lakes. I have tasted three to date and have not be disappointed in any one of them.
Regional Wine Week was the brain child of Dave McIntyre, wine critic for the Washington Post and Jeff Siegel, the Wine Curmudgeon blog writer.  This was year number three and I am now looking forward to RWW 2011.  Maybe next year I'll try Jeff Siegel's regional wine. How about that Jeff, send me some of Texas's finest, I'll send you some of New York's.


jo said...

Great post, very useful for a beginner like me"

Wine said...

Can you do a top five wines tasted the best Regional Wine Week?

Wine said...

I like your blog. Why were you dissapointed about the wines your wife bought?

homedecorpro said...

Not often easy to find local wines, even at specialised wine fayres.

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joeshico said...

It was a disappointing week Wine. There were no top 5. Best were the Syrah from Atwater Estates, a Damiani Meritage and the Empire red from Hudson-Chatham Winery.
The Long Island wines my wife bought were lacking any fruit, too acidic, not balanced well and poorly finished.