Monday, March 14, 2011

Salneval Albariño Rías Baixas, 2009

Did not really want to get back into my white wines for a least another couple of months, but I was kinda forced by Shirley to open one for one of her recipes.  This week she made a delicious Chicken Cacciatore and needed 1/4 cup of a dry white wine. Usually with this dish, I will have a Chianti or sometimes a Pinot Noir, but after taking a taste of the Salneval Albarino I opened for Shirley, I decided to go with a white wine for dinner. I have recently reviewed a Martin Codax and a Burgan's Albarino and recently purchased($10) the Salneval at a local wine shop and was wanting to try a dry crispy white wine with this dish.
The Chicken Cacciatore was exquisite as was the wine.
Salneval is the second label of the Adega Condes de Albarei winery.
Located in the Val do Salnés sub-zone, Condes de Albarei is a cooperative of 400 members. Three styles of wine are produced (all 100% Albariño), including one aged in Galician oak. Wines are marketed under the Condes de Albarei and Salneval brands.bottling.
The wine has a nice light color with aromas of green apple and pear with little tropical fruit and floral.  Some lemon and grapefruit with a little honey like sweetness in the mouth.  Finish was dry, not real long, but surprising good with the Cacciatore.  I think that may have been because Shirley's Cacciatore sauce is very light and in lieu of pasta , she uses 'no yolk' wide egg noodles.
The wine is a must have for seafood and pork, but I was very pleased with it's pairing with the Cacciatore, although the following evening I did open a nice Chianti with the left-overs.
The $10 price is also a great value and a best buy.


Anonymous said...

Very difficult to find here in San Luis Obispo Cty CA. I think a few local wineries make a Calif attempt at this varietal.

joeshico said...

Anonymous: Surprising that with the Spanish heritage and influence that 'the happiest city in America' has, that there are no shops with a nice selection on Spanish wines. But with all the fine wines produced in that region it can be understandable.

cruisenbcn said...

Hi, actually this is a white label wine. You cannot compare a Condes de Albarei with this. Even if it comes from the same producer. This is a wine that in Europe was sold less than 4 Euros, like 6 Dollars.

Condes de Albarei instead is one of the most recognized Albarino wineries and its wine is well awarded.

More infos about Rias Biaxas Albarinos at my Blog

joeshico said...

Danke cruisenbcn for your comment and for reading my blog. As I noted in the blog, Salneval was a 'second' label, I believe you referred as a 'white' label and I did not compare to Condes de Albarei.
Why Wine Blog is my personal blog. I do this as an amateur wino and nothing else.
I do not recommend wines nor do I rate wines. I post about a wine I enjoyed in the past week and why I enjoyed that wine.
I am sorry if you were looking for Robert Parker and came upon my blog by accident.

wine sales online said...

It's a good buy for a white wine that tastes just right.