Monday, April 11, 2011

Two More From Cinnabar...

After a few beer nights, I finally was able to open, taste and drink two remaining red wines I have received from Cinnabar Winery; the 2008 Sextant Vineyards Syrah and the 2006 Santa Cruz Mountains Cabernet Sauvignon.
We did the Syrah first with a light dinner of breaded chicken fingers with a mix of steak and sweet potato fries.
Like all the Cinnabar wines, color was very dark.  The Syrah a dark purple with lots of fruit on the nose.  Black cherry, plum and blackberry aromas with some added herbs and spice and a little anise and oak in the mouth.
The finish was long with flavors of blueberry, black cherry and a hint of espresso. A very, very nice Syrah.
Two nights later I dragged out the grill for the first time this year.  Shirley picked up two nice cuts of Filet Mignon for Pam and I and Pam wanted them done on the grill (Shirley doesn't eat red meat) and so I obliged. We threw in a baked potato and fresh green beans and opened the "gem" of the Cinnabars, the 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon.
Color was dark garnet with aromas of black cherry, blackberry, nutmeg and currant.  The mouth was a little more oakey than I expected but well balanced with some spice and leather.  Finish was smooth and extra long and full of elderberry, black cherry and maybe even a little boysenberry (I've be eating boysenberry jelly all week and that may be why I picked that up).  I'm not a big fan of Cabernet Sauvignon, but that can be changed with more like this one. The Cinnabar Santa Cruz Mountains Cabernet Sauvignon is now the one to beat for my year end pick as best red wine tasted for 2011.
Suggested price for the Syrah is $36 and along with the other "Limited Production Series,"  the Sorcerer's Stone, can only be purchased at the Winery Tasting Room.
The Santa Cruz Mountains Collection Cabernet Sauvignon $45 is now distributed in 20 States.  For more info on where you can purchase visit

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in vino veritas said...

Maybe best red of the year? Sounds like a nice find. I will have to give this a try. Jason