Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Kingdom for a Glass of Wine...PLEASE

Another week gone by with out the taste of wine.  Seven more days of anti-biotics and a party is about to break out.  I have found out a few things about my blog while on this state of being dry.
First, don't even try to post an article with out a glass of wine on hand.  Each time I try, I just sit here looking at an empty screen with a mind that is completely blank.  I did read a book. "The Far Side of Eden" by James Conaway, so I could do a book review on New Money, Old Land and the Battle for Napa Valley.  Are you kidding me, I still owe Sister Anna Jean all four book reports from senior year.  I still owe Sister Rose Aloysius one or two from 8th grade. That was 1961, so I'm not going to try, other to say it was interesting to learn about Napa Valley before the wine explosion and the politics behind the revolution.  But, I am not into or want to get into the wine business or industry going-ons. I just wanna be a wino who likes to fool around in the blogosphere.
Speaking of the blogosphere, I was also following a few articles about "Should Wine Writers Be Certified?" Now let me ask, was that question posed by a 1.Wine Blogger, 2. A Sommelier, 3. A Wine Connoisseur, 4. A Master Wine Educator or 5.A WINE SNOB?  You choose!  I know what my answer is and I am not being biased because I am not a wine writer, but I do believe that one of the articles on that subject may have been aimed at bloggers like me and some of the many bloggers I follow and have come to respect for their knowledge of wine and the wine industry. Then again, maybe I overlooked the real meaning of the question.  So here's my answer to the Wine Snob, I mean whoever came up with the original article.
YES, Any wine writer who is writing wine articles for their peers and writing only for those as educated in wine as they are should be certified.
NO certification needed for all those wine writers and bloggers who are writing and posting articles for the masses, the consumers, the winos, the everyday working stiff wine lovers and the moms out there that just like to relax with a glass of wine and would like to know if a wine is good or bad and worth the price or enjoy reading about one's travels and wine tours and getting to know a little bit about the author, other than the initials after their name. Or, for just bloggers like me who are having fun and doing something on the computer other than playing solitaire.
Off on another rant. Just hope there's a glass of wine in front of me next week.  Until then I'll just open another ginger-ale, pour it into my favorite wine glass and turn on a ball game.


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