Monday, July 25, 2011

Heron Hill Dry Riesling 2009

It's Friday night and I find my self getting a little ahead on the reviews.  Normally, I like to drink four or five or more wines per week and then pick one for a weekly review.  This past week though, I am finding that it may be damn difficult to chose one, so I've been drafting a few to publish later.  It may be the heat, but I really think it's just the fact I've been opening many of the outstanding wines I brought home from the Finger Lakes Wine Fest.
After another 100F day and another excellent Riesling opened just to sip while relaxing and watching the tube.  A Heron Hill dry Riesling 2009($14)
Color was nice, light straw and very bright.  Lots of nice aromas of peach, pear, some apple and a little floral with a very clean melon, lemon/lime and hints of mineral.  A nice, nice citrusy finish made this a perfect white wine to beat the heat.
After the first glass, Shirley made a dessert of Mascarpone cheese covered with fresh blueberries. Pairing was real nice, but I would have rather had the dessert with fresh strawberries. Even better would be a strawberry/blueberry mix. We'll settle that in the morning when we pick up our fruit and veggies for the week at the Central New York Regional Market.  Maybe even a nice peach dessert for next time.  Well, dessert really doen't matter as long as it's a great white wine from the Finger Lakes.


Bernard Cannac said...

You are so right in your description of this wine! I love it even more under these hot conditions. Warm peaches or apricots, or any white flesh fruit would have been perfect with the Mascarpone too.

joeshico said...

Thank you Bernard for providing such a wonderful wine. Did finish last glass with fresh peaches mixed lightly with some Lively Run Chevre.

Kitty Oliver said...

Joe, so great that you stopped by our table at the Finger Lakes Wine Festival! Does your wonderful wife spoil you or what? The dessert ideas sound delicious, especially on a hot summer evening. Thanks for sharing, enjoy the summer!

joeshico said...

Yes I am spoiled, by her great Italian cooking and her desserts.
I keep stopping at HH at events, not only because of the great wines and also the great people working, but I keep hoping they get you to work one of them.