Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kavaklidere Angora White Wine 2008

Very hot day today in Central New York,  so Sunday dinner turned out to be a couple of organic or free range hot dogs and a tomato/cucumber salad.  Decided to try a white wine from Turkey, that Shirley bought last March at 67Wine in Manhattan.
An Angora Sultana de Denizli from Turkey($12).  Needless to say, this was my first Turkish wine. Angora White is produced from Sultana grapes grown in Denizli to reveal the distinctive aromatic character of the “Sultana” grape. The grape is widely used to make raisins.
When selecting a wine for tonight, I found that my dual-temperature wine fridge is no longer a dual zone, so I had to chill the wine for a hour or so in the freezer.  That made the wine nice and cold when opened and that may have been a good thing.
Color was a pale yellow with very light aromas of apple, some peach, wildflowers with some mineral and a little yeasty.   Nice medium body with a thick mouthfeel and taste of tropical fruits and a little lemon.  Finish was semi-dry, moderately long with a little honeysuckle like sweetness.  As the wine warmed up I got more mineral, enough to almost overpower any of the fruit flavors.  I would suggest that if you have a chance to try this wine, you serve it very cold (under 40F).  There was nothing surprising about this wine and nothing that really would make it stand out above others, but for $12 (can find under $10 on-line) it's a nice wine to keep on hand for those very hot days of summer.

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