Sunday, August 21, 2011

Anyela's Vineyards Cabernet Franc 2007

"The story of Anyela's Vineyards began three generations ago in Eastern Europe and continues today on the hillside high above Skaneateles Lake. The Nocek family combines its viticultural experience with the cooler climate patterns and fertile soil to grow our select grapes.

Unlike other vineyards along neighboring Finger Lakes, we protect our vines from the cold after the fall harvest. One by one, we carefully remove them from the trellises and bury them in the rich earth to insulate the sensitive primary buds, which eventually become the fruit. In spring, we re-trellis the vine for maximum sun exposure. We also control our grape yield to cultivate the ripest, most flavorful fruit.

The above is a re-print from the home page of Anyela's Vineyards on Skaneateles Lake which is a Finger Lake, but lies on the cusp of the Finger Lakes Wine Region.  In fact, Anyela's is the lone winery on this beautiful lake which is the most eastern of the major Finger Lakes.

I found Anyela's wines at a local wine shop and was very surprised to find a Finger Lakes winery of this size and quality somewhat off the beaten path of what I knew as the FLX wine region. I had already finished the two white wines and found them very enjoyable, so this afternoon I chose to open and try their 2007 Cabernet Franc ($14).  I did this because Shirley had mentioned she may roast a chicken or do some BBQ chicken today if the rain holds up.

A glass in the early afternoon won't hurt, especially with such wonderful aromas of cherry, spice, a little leather and plum.  The mouthfeel was thick and fruity, very smooth with a feel of sweetness and loaded with lots of plum and a super finish.  This is a very good Cab Franc and will pair very well with tonight's chicken:

ALERT: WARNING: Oh no, not now!  I opened a red wine and you're making a Bouillabaisse??
That's mussels, fish and shrimp with lot's of veggies made with two cups of Riesling. 
Yep, that's what happened.  So, I brought my half filled glass of Cab/Franc to the table with an unopened bottle of white wine as a back up.  After the first taste of the red wine with the seafood soup I put the white wine away and brought out the rest of the Anyela's Cabernet Franc.  I could not believe how well they paired. So much for red with meat and white with fish.  I may even try this with my next steak and burger cook out.

I have not yet visited this winery, but since it is less than an hour from Syracuse it will make a very nice day trip this autumn or as soon as I can make some rack space for more great Cabernet Franc.

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Rachele said...

I love that you opened a bottle based on what Shirley thought she may make. Made me laugh that she changed her mind. Glad it still worked out.