Friday, August 19, 2011

Tapiz Malbec 2009

The temperature cooled down a bit tonight, but the humidity was terribly high, so when I got home from work I immediately turned on the air in the Man-Cave and decided tonight was a ginger-ale evening or at best a very cold Corona. After a few minutes catching up on today's emails, that insatiable yearning for a nice glass of wine took control.  Nights like tonight I usually go through my white wines, but for some reason, I just wanted, or better yet, yearned for a nice red and a Tapiz Malbec 2009 ($12) that was in the fridge since January was just the ticket.
One of the traditional Bordeaux varietals, Malbec has characteristics that fall somewhere between Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.  It can bring very deep color, ample tannin and a particular plum like flavor to add complexity to claret blends.
Originating from the Bordeaux region of France, this grape is among the "big six" for red wine grapes. However, with the exception of Cahors, its fame and fortune in France often ends there, as Malbec is generally a grape used for blending, with very little vine being devoted to its improvement or success. The story in Argentina is quite the opposite. Malbec has found both fame and glory in the sun-drenched climate of Argentina. This is Argentina's signature grape and it is quickly making a new name for itself with red wine lovers.  For, at least, the last three years I have said that this is the new FAD wine and inexpensive Malbec like this one from Tapiz is the reason why.
Aromas of black cherry, tobacco and a little bit of red raspberry and mocha with a bit of soil were very pleasant on the nose.  In the mouth there was lots of plum, blackberry with some mocha and a little spice that lead to a long finish with taste of black plum, tobacco and spice. Drank this with a milky Brie and crackers and enjoyed every bit.  This is a very smooth, low tannin wine that will pair really well with the summer grill.  Weather it's burgers, steak or chicken, this is a BBQ must have.

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Rachele said...

I'll have to look for that. I love a good Malbec. I find it funny that you went from ginger ale to corona to this malbec. That's a pretty wide range.