Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Two From Red Newt Cellars

Tonight started out like any normal night around my house.  Day off, pleasant weather and a great night for grilling on the patio.  Shirley prepared a chicken breast marinated in Italian dressing and roasted carrots and yams. Of course, the magic is in the grilling and that's my job.  Choosing the wine is also my job, so tonight I chose a Gewurztraminer from Red Newt Cellars.  Love it, when I make a great wine choice.
I have often heard that the Finger Lakes makes great Riesling, but not much else. Bullshit on those that even think that. Finger Lakes is a cool climate region and does remarkably well on all cool climate grapes. If not a believer, then pour yourself a 2008 Red Newt Gewurztraminer.($16)
Aromas of peach, lychee and melon and a hint of honeysuckle with a little mineral and a nice smooth mouthfeel with taste of peach and some clementine orange. Ample dry finish that may pair well with spicy oriental, but was fantastic with the Italian seasoned grilled chicken,
The Gewurztraminer finished too fast and I just wanted to sit out on the patio until the skeeters arrived so to the wine fridge I went  and pulled out a Red Newt 2010  'circle' Riesling ($13).
Now most of my readers know, I am not into sweet wines,  My tolerance is about the 2.5%RS and the 'circle' Riesling comes in at 3.4%.  But, if there was ever a better evening to expand the palate, it was now.
Lots of peach, pear and honeysuckle in the sniffer. Just pleasant aromas. In the mouth I found some dry citrus with lots or ripe peach and melon.  A perfect wine to just sit on the patio, daydream, watch the neighbors walk by and know their probably finishing the evening with a cold Budweiser.
Should be emptying the fridge of my Rieslings.  This coming week-end is the Finger Lakes Riesling Festival, but tonight I am just enjoying wines from Red Newt Cellars. I can live with that.


Nathan and Tina said...

Love your site and all the Finger Lakes info. We visited Red Newt for the first time a couple of weekends ago. We were impressed by their rieslings and brought home a bottle of their Tierce (made from the grapes of three area wineries).

Cubby G said...

Love the few Finger Lakes Rieslings I have tried. Dr. Konstantin Frank, Herman Wiemer and Red Newt. Will be traveling with girlfriend and my best friend and wife in Sept. and i'm really excited about the trip.